THE WALKING DEAD: Major SPOILER For A Future Episode?

THE WALKING DEAD: Major <font color= red>SPOILER</font> For A Future Episode?

Want to know which character will be the next to buy the farm when AMC's excellent zombie show returns to our screens next month? If not, I wouldn't make that jump! We don't know for certain if this is on the level, but it seems pretty likely..

A major character dying on The Walking Dead is nothing new, and now that the show has veered away from the comic series pretty drastically, nobody seems safe. Well, Nuke The Fridge reckon they know who will take the dirt nap next, and unlike Lori or T-Dog, this probably won't come as too much of a shock..

"Axel, played by Lew Temple, is the first to get shot and killed by The Governor during a surprise attack on the prison. A truck loud of Walkers crash through the gates of the prison and are unleashed on the yard. Michonne kicked major ass during the attack. – IT’S EPIC!!"

Lets face it, those prison boys were never gonna stick around very long, especially now with Tyreese and co. making an appearance. We lost Oscar in the last ep, and it seems his little buddy Axel is next. That character also dies in the comics, but he has a lot more to do and is killed in the final raid on the prison by The Governor and his people along with Lori. Is this "surprise attack" going to be that last all-out war between the two factions? The site doesn't mention if all of this is supposed to occur in the very next episode, "The Suicide King", so it may take place later on. Guess we'll find out when the show returns February 10th.

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