The Walking Dead Season Two Will "Get Sexier And More Violent"

The Walking Dead Season Two Will "Get Sexier And More Violent"

<i>The Walking Dead</i> Season Two Will "Get Sexier And More Violent"

Some of the cast and crew of The Walking Dead say season two will increase in violence, confirm Hershal's farm will appear, and comment on the survival of Shane...

E ONLINE Recently conducted an interview with some of the cast and crew of the hit AMC show The Walking Dead, based off the comic off the same name.

Laurie Holden Who plays Andrea was asked about where season two for the show would be heading:

"I know we're going to arrive at Hershel's Farm, which is a huge part of the next chapter of storytelling. I think it's going to get sexier and more violent."

She was also asked if here characters relationship from the comics with the much older Dale, to which she replied with this:

"I think that's definitely in the cards. I mean come on, it's the end of the world.."

The creator of the comic series and executive producer of the show confirmed that some time will be spent at Hershal's Farm during the second season as well as show the relationship between Glenn and Hershal's daughter Maggie:

"Anyone who's read the comic book knows Hershel has a daughter named Maggie, and Maggie has a relationship with Glenn. That's something we're probably gonna do...There will be romances here and there. It's the end of the world, there's not a lot to do. People are going to be hooking up from time to time. We're gonna see some stuff like that in the second season."

The character Shane played by Jon Bernthal has already out lived his comic book counterpart, who only lasted six issues in the comic series. Now rumors are pouring in that Shane is the father of Lori's unborn child, after an affair between the two took place when they still believed Rick to be dead.

Bernthal had this to say about the character not meeting his demise, and how it will affect the story.

"Shane is now existing in stories from the comic book that he didn't exist in before. Just by having Shane be alive changes everything about the comic. The Hershel storyline is something everybody likes—[there are a] lot of cool moments everybody wants to see. We're gonna get to see little differences because Shane wasn't there before and he changes the dynamic of the whole ensemble. It's going to be really cool," he said.


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