UPDATE: Norman Reedus Said To Be Up For A Role In THE CROW Remake

<font color="red">UPDATE:</font> Norman Reedus Said To Be Up For A Role In THE CROW Remake

Reedus may swap hunting the undead for becoming one of them in the upcoming remake of The Crow. Also, Twilight's Kristen Stewart was said to be considered for the role of the doomed Shelly, but the studio passed. Read on for more.

The Schmoes' scooper "The Phantom" has struck again, this time bringing us some very exciting info on the upcoming remake (or re-adaptation if you prefer) of The Crow. Last we heard Luke Evans had actually signed on, but it seems as though things didn't work out as according to The Phantom, none other than Daryl fucking Dixon himself, also known as Norman Reedus, is the top choice to play the lead role of "James" in the movie. Now we had been led to believe that this take would once again use the character of Eric Draven from James O'Barr's original graphic novel, but evidently that won't be the case. Apparently there's been no confirmation from Reedus' people, but given The Phantom's track record I wouldn't be against an official announcement soon enough. There's more -- word is the studio were looking at Miss bitey-lip herself, Kristen Stewart, for the role of James' unfortunate girlfriend Shelly but "shied away from the idea after hearing that she wouldn’t attract an audience." Seems a bit harsh! Anyway, what would you guys think if Reedus traded the crossbow for some Gothy facepaint? Sound off in the usual place.

UPDATE: Crossed wires on this one. I was led to believe that Reedus was up for the lead -- meaning The Crow himself -- but he is actually wanted for a supporting role of "James", and Luke Evans is still very much on board as Eric Draven. Apologies for the mix up.
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