Another Hero to Debut on ARROW SEASON 3!

Another Hero to Debut on ARROW SEASON 3!

The folks over at Green Arrow TV Twitter revealed another Hero that will appear on season 3 this one long rumored and even teased by The Arrow Himself Stephen Amell on his Facebook page and always tied to the history & origin of Black Canary.

While we Don't know who will play him on the hit show nor in what Episode nor how many we do get confirmed that TED GRANT Also known as WILDCAT will indeed be part of season 3 of Arrow and of course will be tied into Laurel as she becomes The Black Canary.

Stephen Amell had already gotten fans talking about Wildcat as he posted the Above picture on his facebook page a little over a month ago, now that spectulation has been confirmed and we get another layer added onto the origin and formation of THE BLACK CANARY

Here's the link's to the Wildcat,Black Canary & Green Arrow Comic Vine profiles where you can see how these 3 character have been very involved with each other multiple times in history, of course most people will remember them from the Justice League Unlimited Animated series (Season 2, 2005) Episode The Cat & The Canary (BLACK CANARY convinces GREEN ARROW to help save her mentor, WILDCAT, from his involvement in an underground, super-powered fight club known as MetaBrawl.)

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