Arrow: 10 Villains That Should Appear in the Show

Arrow: 10 Villains That Should Appear in the Show

What are some villainous characters from the Green Arrow and DC comics that should show up on the Arrow television series? Here are ten examples of some well known names and some rather obscure ones that could be done justice.

Season 2 of Arrow seems to be filled with tons of characters from DC Comics—some of which even have superhuman abilities. Apparently, the floodgates have opened and a wider variety of characters are available to be used on the show.

Because of this, everyone is wondering what other characters we'll be seeing throughout the run of the series, and everyone has their own likes and dislikes.

While I personally could go on and on about an ideal situation where we'd see a young Nightwing and various other heroes that I'd like to see appear, I figured I would put a little spin on things and write up a generic list of 10 characters that realistically could and should show up for at least one episode of Arrow, whether it's in this season or the next.

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Let's get the ball rolling with an easy one...


Being a show on the CW network, which essentially revolves around casting young, attractive model-types in every role and focusing heavily on romance even in their superhero shows, this is a perfect character to throw into the mix of things.

A sexy young woman who develops a crush on Green Arrow and becomes obsessed with him to the point where she calls herself "Cupid"? That stalker angle combined with a short-lived fling could make for a nice arc. She could also be someone who targets Laurel out of jealousy.

Sexy Hot Carrie Cutter Nude Cleavage


A running theme for the show is corruption in the powerful people that occupy Starling City. Thomas Bolt can be boiled down to the mayor of the city that dresses up as a vigilante (Steelclaw) and gets involved in the drug scene, eventually being killed by a gang controlled by drug dealer Marty Costa.

Perhaps Thomas is a friend of Moira Queen's, giving her another person in her life that has been bitten by the vigilante bug.

Mayor Thomas Bolt Steelclaw in Arrow


Let's face it, this character is never going to find its way into a Batman film, so why not use him on Arrow instead? He makes for a perfect recurring villain that is completely within the realms of possibility. After all, Temple Fugate is just a normal guy with a remarkable ability to tell time and plan crimes around it.

They would need to go with the Temple Fugate version of the character, though, as opposed to William Tockman. That name is just absolutely ridiculous and loses all seriousness. Once you start going campy, you lose out on what makes this character so dangerous.

DC Clock King Villain Bio


Sometimes, you need a straight up assassin to get the job done. We've already seen Deathstroke and Deadshot, so why not give a new guy an episode to shine where it doesn't matter if he's killed off? Nobody would shed a tear if Slingshot of all people is slain after one episode.

He doesn't necessarily need to use slingshots or anything of the sort, but David Drayson is a cop killer. This would be an interesting way to tie Detective Lance into things.

Slingshot in Arrow TV Show


Not everything can be about corrupt businessmen, assassinations and killers. A crazy cult presents a good opportunity to stack the odds against our hero with more than one foe at a time (also giving Diggle something to do by backing him up, and dare I say, Arsenal?)

The Southern Order of Change can spawn from the terrors of the Glades, where danger lurks around ever corner. When you live in such a horrible place, you look for any means to get out of it. If a religious brainwashing by someone like Billy Miggs is what you use for an escape, you'd fight tooth and nail to keep that illusion going on, wouldn't you?

Arrow Reverend Billy Miggs


The island needs some love, too, doesn't it?! Who cares if this is an Aquaman character! Can you imagine the threat from the sea being this guy and the troops he commands?

Black Manta isn't a character that requires Aquaman's presence to explain his origins and what he's all about. You don't need to delve into a rich history of Atlantean backstory to enjoy the fun that you can get out of this classic, armored villain.

Black Manta in Arrow


Wait! Wait! Hear me out!

I'm not proposing that we have someone literally use super-spray-paint to fly around and fight Oliver. That would be insane for a show that isn't built around the ludicrous ideas that used to work several decades ago in the comics.

Rather, Ozone can be a graffiti artist friend of Roy Harper's from the Glades. He can even reform and be an occasional, mischievous ally. So far, we haven't seen a lot of the people that Roy associates himself with, so Ozone could be a nice little nod to a character from the comics rather than making up a totally new one to serve essentially the same purpose if they ever decide to start fleshing out Roy's background.

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A villain who wants to prove that even a normal man can take down heroes and specifically wounds Black Canary. Sold.

Peter Lomax just screams a simple must for this show. He's incredibly easy to translate onto the screen and there are essentially no negatives working against him. No CGI is necessary, no worrying that you're wasting a character with a ton of potential for future franchise involvement, etc.

If you want to stretch things even further, Peter Lomax could be a romantic interest for Laurel during her split from Ollie. Or, if this twist on Black Canary is true, wherein the first incarnation of the character will be Laurel's sister, you can tie his appearance into her instead.

Peter Lomax in Arrow TV Show


This would just be pure fun as it would consist of a battle of gimmicks. One man's shooting arrows, the other man is throwing boomerangs. Nuff said.

On top of this, the inclusion of The Flash in season 2 means that this character could easily exist in this universe. You can go with George "Digger" Harkness or Owen Mercer. Either one works.

TV Arrow Flash Characters Show


Supposedly, Onomatopoeia was going to be in season 1, but they were convinced to change him after reading Kevin Smith's comments stating that the character could not be translated well.

Is there a chance that having a guy walk around saying "bang" and "pow" and "blam" could come off stupid? Sure. But why not use that to your advantage and just play up the insanity of it? There's also a chance that, if you pull it off correctly, this could be weird and disturbing. It certainly doesn't hurt that the costume is awesome and could be a huge factor into the coolness of seeing him on screen.

Comics Onomatopoeia Villain

There you have it, ten examples of villains that could find their way onto the show and work within the continuity. If you're a fan of this article, let me know and I may very well follow it up with some other lists.

Also, if you're a dedicated comic book nerd like myself, check out my website Fanboys Anonymous. I'm currently looking for more writers, so anyone interested should shoot me a message via the contact form and let me know!


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