Arrow E4- "An Innocent Man" Review

Arrow E4- "An Innocent Man" Review

Looks like this show has just started to step up. Check out my quick review of last night's episode.If you didn't watch it then be warned of SPOILERS

To Be honest, I was starting to get bored with this show since the first 3 episodes were all about Oliver fighting the people whose name were in Robert Queen's book.It was followed by cheesy dialogue and acting.I only watched yesterday's show because i had nothing else to do.But after watching last night's episode, i have to say it was the best episode so far in this series.

It started off with John Diggle learning the secret of Oliver and immediately resigning as his bodyguard.Then Oliver finds that a name on the list is a killer and Oliver's main objective is to get a confession out of him (which he eventually does).

But the main plot twists which made this episode impressive was

1. Oliver's mother (Moira Queen) secretly recovered the family yacht which was involved in an accident which eventually led Oliver to be stranded on an island for 5 years (Indicating that she may be involved somehow).

2.Both Moira Queen (possibly) and Detective Quentin Lance discover Arrow's secret identity (which leads to Oliver's arrest at the end.)

The only thing in this episode which didn't make sense was the prison scene in which the prison guards did not arrest Oliver after the fight even when he was wearing a face mask.

Overall it was a Good episode.I personally think that this series has much more potential to be a great TV show.If you stopped watching it sometime ago, then you should check this one out.

My Rating : 4/5
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