ARROW EP Marc Guggenheim Discusses The Connor Hawke Angle

ARROW EP Marc Guggenheim Discusses The Connor Hawke Angle

Moira Queen paid off a mysterious, unnamed fling of Oliver's (Stephen Amell) to fade off into obscurity with Oliver's son - all with Oliver none the wiser. Is Arrow's son actually Connor Hawke and when will he surface on Arrow? Guggenheim has some cryptic answers.

In one of Moira Queen's final Arrow moments, it was revealed that at some point in the past, she paid off a woman that pre-island Oliver had gotten pregnant to take her grandson away from Starling City, never to return.  Since that episode,  many, Arrow fans have speculated that the show is setting up that unnamed son to become Connor Hawke, Oliver Queen's estranged son per DC Comics lore. 

Discussing that specific theory with TV Line, Arrow exevutive producer Marc Guggenheim stated,
Half of our job is coming up with ideas, and the other half is exercising judgement in terms of the right time to play those ideas.  We also need to have that moment happen in the right context. So is it Year 3, is it Year 10…? I don’t know.” Guggenheim adds, “We’ve put it out there and we’ve got some cool ideas about where to go with it, should we do it, but we haven’t committed to actually doing it or even when to do it.”    

If Connor Hawke does show up in Arrow it does make sense for him to showup much, much further down the line.  In order for the propper Connor/Oliver dynamic to play out on Arrow, either the show needs a timeskip after a few more seasons, or the show needs does indeed need to make it to Season 10 as Guggenheim alludes. Furthermore, is Connor Hawke a character that you fans would be interested in seeing?

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