ARROW Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg Previews The Season Finale

ARROW Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg Previews The Season Finale

The first season of The CW's Arrow comes to a close this Wednesday. Are you ready? Earlier today spoke exclusively with Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg and asked what fans should expect to see unfold.

In preparation for the end of the first season of Arrow, we spoke with showrunner Andrew Kriesberg to get the scoop on what fans can expect from the season finale. Here's what he had to say.

"I would describe it as an emotional roller coaster. It really is a culmination of the season, there are things in it that hark back to the pilot and episodes two and three. It really feels like the end of a comic book run, it's really the final chapter of series one. It answers all the questions that were asked in season one and asks a bunch on new ones that will take us into Season Two. We shot it for more days than the average episode and spent more money on it than the average episode. Episode 22 [could be] the season finale of any other show, Wednesday's episode really feels like a movie."

Our conversation touched on a number of Season Two topics that you'll definitely want to learn about after the finale airs (and some news on Kreisberg's Booster Gold pilot as well). Check back later this week for the full interview. And be sure to tune in this Wednesday at 8PM PST/EST to see just how Oliver's (Stpehen Amell) confrontation with The Dark Archer (John Barrowman) unfolds now that all the secrets are out in the open.

HEROES ARE FORGED AND SACRIFICES MADE IN THIS EPIC SEASON FINALE — Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Diggle (David Ramsey) race to stop the Dark Archer (John Barrowman) from unleashing his vengeance on The Glades. However, they run into a roadblock after Detective Lance (Paul Blackthorne) picks up Felicity for questioning. Tommy (Colin Donnell) and Oliver’s already tumultuous relationship takes a turn for the worse after Oliver makes a confession about Laurel (Katie Cassidy). After hearing of the danger in The Glades, Thea (Willa Holland) races to find Roy (Colton Haynes), inadvertently putting herself directly in the line of fire for Malcolm’s (John Barrowman) devious plan. On the island, Oliver, Slade (Manu Bennett) and Shado (guest star Celina Jade) are locked in a life-or-death struggle against Fyers (guest star Sebastian Dunn) as his missiles lock on a full Ferris Air jetliner. Susanna Thompson also stars. David Barrett directed the episode with the teleplay written by Marc Guggenheim & Andrew Kreisberg and story by Greg Berlanti (#123).

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