ARROW: Katie Cassidy On Possibly Becoming Black Canary

ARROW: Katie Cassidy On Possibly Becoming Black Canary

As we know, Cassidy will play Laurel Lance in the CW's take on DC Comics' Emerald Archer Green Arrow, but will we see her don a costume herself and become the 'Black Canary'? Cassidy thinks it will "probably happen" eventually..

When Katie Cassidy was cast as Laurel Lance in the CW's Arrow, fans wondered if this character - better known to comic fans as Dinah Laurel Lance - would eventually throw on a pair of fishnets and fight crime alongside Oliver Queen as Black Canary. But when it was revealed that this take on Green Arrow would be jettisoning the superpowers, it seemed unlikely - at least not any version of the character that retained her 'sonic scream'. Of course that doesn't mean we won't see Cassidy suit up as a de-powered version of Black Canary at some point. In the following interview with, the actress discusses the possibilities, and how knowing the story behind the character in the comics affected her audition/performance..

“When I originally had auditioned for this part, I basically came up with a back story that was legitimate to the material that I was given—the pilot. Creating back story to make this person as authentic as possible, I did a little bit of research, but I also, at that point, didn’t consider the Black Canary because I didn’t know. When – if [she becomes Black Canary] is always still a question. You never know with these writers; they could do anything. I try not to think about that at this point because I think sometimes I can get in my own way if I over-think it. I think as far as the Black Canary goes, it will probably happen very organically. I know that Laurel is very strong, very tough. She comes from a middle class family; her father’s a cop; she knows how to fight. It will be something that happens organically, and it’s probably going to be pretty cool."

Arrow premieres on the CW this Wednesday, and you can check out the full interview with Cassidy by clicking the link below.

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