ARROW Predictions (SPOILERS)

ARROW Predictions (SPOILERS)

A few predictions/theories I have for Arrow and all related things.

Some of the events over the past few episodes have left me with a few ideas as to where theyre heading.

1. Roy will suit up by the end of the Season
Pretty obvious, but he'll become either Arsenal or Red Arrow.

2. Ra's al Ghul won't appear, at least this season
I think Nyssa will be the worst the League sends after Sara for now. As for why Ra's would bother with Starling City in the future, I have a few theories
a. Oliver kills Nyssa, and Ra's seeks vengence
b. Oliver defeats Nyssa, who tells her father of the Arrow's impressive skills. Ra's then seeks Oliver as an heir (similar to his history with Batman)
c. He seeks to kill Malcom, and kidnaps Thea, forcing team Arrow to get involved.

3. Slade will be apprehended and recruited by Waller

Ok, now some far fetched ideas

4. Sarah is going to be Black Canary
The way they wrote her story so far, I believe this is possible. First, there's the fact she wasn't just sleeping with Oliver, she told her mom she loved him. Next, she said a few episodes ago that Laurel dated Ollie so Sarah couldn't. Also, she says Love is the strongest emotion, hinting Ollie jumped in front of the gun out of love for Sarah (though I disagree, I feel at that point in his development he would've saved either). So, assuming next episode doesn't make her a lesbian, I think something big happens between her and Ollie.

5. Suicide Squad announcement at SDCC
Either a movie, show, or something in between. They threw it into last night for a reason. As for members, we have Bronze Tiger confirmed. I say Slade, Deadshot, and China White will all be in it, mainly because theyre the only living villains, and Merlin aint working for anybody.

6. MoS connection
Arrow is arguably DC's biggest hit that isnt Batman or Superman related. It'd be crazy not to connect the two. Its no secret that Arrow has been beating Agents of SHIELD in ratings (coming from someone who actually likes both shows). DC could bring in a larger audience by doing this. I know that some of you hate the acting, but the only actors that need to appear are Amell, Haynes, and Bennett, which are all good in my opinion (get Emily Rickards in there too).

Think of it this way. Would DC waste an A-list character on a TV show? Not Arrow, I'm talking about Flash. Arguably more popular than Green Arrow, he is a founding member of Justice League as well. You might say Smallville, but that was before the shared universe thing was a big deal.

Ok I'm done for now. Sound off below!
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