ARROW Season 4 Will Focus On "Magic And Mysticism"

ARROW Season 4 Will Focus On "Magic And Mysticism"

According to Stephen Amell, similar to how Arrow Season 3 put the spotlight on Oliver's dual identity, Season 4 will in turn focus on "magic and mysticism". Could this perhaps pave the way for an appearance from Matt Ryan's 'John Constantine'? Read on for more!

It almost seems odd to think there was a time when Arrow religiously stuck to gritty realism. Season 3 and the arrival of The Flash changed all that, and since then we've seen all manner of super-powered metahumans, immortal warlords and resurrections via Lazarus Pit on The CW series. This path towards the supernatural looks set to continue, after the show's star Stephen Amell claimed that "magic and mysticism" would play a significant role in Season 4.

Speaking to a roundtable of reporters at SDCC (via, Amell revealed that "Oliver 
alludes very early on in the season that [magic] is something that he's seen before, so clearly that will play into this year's flashbacks for him." This makes sense, with former League Of Assassins member Damien Dahrk set to be the season's big bad. It also adds further cause for the introduction of Matt Ryan's John Constantine as a guest star on the show.

Amell added that "Oliver has learned a bunch of new skills" during the five months between seasons. However, as he spent the summer travelling with Felicity, "this time around, almost all of the skills pertain to domestic life." Those less excited about the prospect of watching Oliver and Felicity playing house shouldn't be too concerned though, as an "impending doom" is set to bring Oliver back to Starling very early on. "I'm not going to spend five episodes in domestic bliss in nowheretown," Amell declared, "The show is the show. We come back, five months have happened, and conveniently right when we pick back up again, I get activated, so to speak."

And yet when Oliver finally does make his inevitable return to crime-fighting in Starling, it will be under a different name - and motive. "The Arrow is not an inspiration...but The Arrow is dead," Amell claimed, "So if there is a new version of that hero, hopefully one of the things that he strives to do is inspire people. That is the basic tenet of a superhero -- that they have to make people believe in something bigger than themselves." The writers have been teasing Oliver's ascension to the 'Green Arrow' moniker for years. Now, it's finally about to become a reality.

Arrow Season 4 will premiere October 7 on The CW.
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