ARROW: Speculation On Season 2 Finale

ARROW: Speculation On Season 2 Finale

Here are some theories I have for the ending of the second season of the CW's Arrow, and the long-term ramifications for the show heading intro season 3. See what you think and be sure to leave your thoughts in the usual place.


After reading numerous comments on Stephen Amell s facebook I have some answers/clarifiers for many people (and some theory)....

1) Yes there will be a season 3 of arrow it has already been renewed. 

2) Deathstroke will have an army...much like in the comics (at some point) but this army (in the comics) was created by Isabel Roshev...(hows that for a connection!) Are they working together? Defiantley a maybe

3) There is a scene in season 1 where you can see Isabel Roshevs name on "the list"

4) Thea will not be the one dying...roy would have gladly taken the codename speedy to, as we have head quite a bit on Arrow, honor his ex girlfriends memory rather than the already confirmed codename of unless they go Lazarus Pit style they are setting Thea up to be Mia Dearden the 2nd Speedy

5) We will learn in coming episodes if Detective Lance thinks that Ollie is the Arrow

6) Slade will NOT be killed, hes way to large of a character...i think he will kill someone close to Oliver(who ill mention next) and destroy everyone oliver cares for (but not kill) and, because we know Slade has been shown as an "honorable man" I think he may simply call Oliver and himself "even"

7) There is a chance we will see The Dark Archer return to save his daughter

8) Sarah may numerous behind the scene clips and promos we see that something will change both the Queen and Lance family...what better than to kill Sarah? Everyone is finally happy and contempt with her being back and alive...what if she is pulled right back out of there grasp. Also what better way to give us the true black canary...laurel!

9) Will Roy lose his arm to Slade? I have read this a few times and although my answer is no...i feel its a) to soon and b) pointless because of the mirakuru ... We DO have 2 Star Labs employees making an appearance (cameo for the flash pilot) and Star Labs employees would be the only people on the show capable of replacing an arm with a fully functional cybernetic model

10) Moria may not die simply because i don't think they would have begun her whole "mayoral campaign" storyline just to kill her off

11) Roy will eventually lose the mirakuru (somehow) or Ollie will gain it...they need to be on more even footing in the future

Here are some images of the Deathstroke army...both comic and arrow style

And for those who dont know the woman in the red coat (below) is Isabel Roshev

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