ARROW's Jessica de Gouw Teases The Huntress' On-Screen Costume

ARROW's Jessica de Gouw Teases The Huntress' On-Screen Costume

In a recent interview with KSiteTV on the set of The CW's upcoming crime drama Arrow (based on DC Comics' Green Arrow), Jessica de Gouw teases what Helena Bertinelli's Huntress costume will look like on-screen...

For some time, it's been known that Jessica de Gouw would portray Helena Bertinelli A.K.A The Huntress on The CW's Arrow alongside Stephen Amell. However, we do not know if her costume will be faithful to the comics, as fans have lost faith in televised heroes after Smallville had changed plenty of appearances. However, in an interview with KSiteTV in Vancouver, Jessica gives us a short tease on how she will appear.

"“There are hints of purple in most things. Just a little dab here and there, just to suggest the right things, but it’s definitely part of her costume, certainly."

"“You will see [me in full costume]! It’ll be great, whatever you get to see. It will be fabulous. I promise you. I’ve seen it, so I can promise it’s really something. That’s all you’re getting."

You can read plenty more from Jessica including where she draws inspiration from for the role, Helena's relationship with Oliver and more over at KSiteTV.

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