ARROW's Stephen Amell Responds To THE DARK KNIGHT Comparisons

ARROW's Stephen Amell Responds To THE DARK KNIGHT Comparisons

It's not a secret that The CW's Arrow is inspired by Christopher Nolan's successful take on Batman (The Dark Knight Trilogy), but star Stephen Amell shares his thoughts on fans who think the show is just "copying Batman".

In a short interview with the Vancouver Sun, Arrow star Stephen Amell talked all about his new show on The CW, including his thoughts on plenty of fanboys talking about the series ripping off Christopher Nolan's take on the Batman mythos as well as the realistic tone itself.

"The idea was to make it real…As real as you can make it. Now, I understand it’s TV and fantastical things are going to happen but as real as possible and that naturally takes you into the Chris Nolan universe. If you want to be snarky about it you can say, ‘Well, they’re copying Batman.’ Batman works!"

He also goes into detail on how Green Arrow: Year One is affecting the series, especially the mystery shrouding the island and the fact that he wasn't actually alone, as we know he is accompanied by at least Eddie Fyers, Deathstroke and Yao Fei.

"We’re basing large parts of Arrow on Green Arrow: Year One. In Green Arrow: Year One there are tons of people on the island, he gets hooked on heroin, people leave him for dead, really awful things happen to him and I think people want to see a superhero that can be injured. People want to see a super hero, I think, who is emotionally fragile; that had to make real sacrifices."

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