Brandon Routh On The ATOM's Superhero Suit

Brandon Routh On The ATOM's Superhero Suit

Brandon Routh On The ATOM's Superhero Suit

Arrow's Ray Palmer actor Brandon Routh discusses his superhero costume that will be debuting later in season 3. " It’s pretty epic. It’s very cool. I’m very excited."

Brandon Routh is no stranger to playing DC Comics superheroes.  After playing Superman in Superman Returns, Routh has went from playing the mightiest to the tiniest, signing on to play Ray Palmer aka The ATOM on The CW's Arrow.  While at the Winter TCA's Routh had a few details to share about his role as the ATOM with SHH.  Here's a rundown of what was disclosed.

+Routh is currently reading the 1983 limited series, Sword of the Atom as preparation and inspiration for the role of Ray Palmer.

+Routh also divulged an interesting, mild-spoiler about Palmer's backstory on Arrow.  " No, [Palmer being a corporate executive] is a totally a new thing to make him able to take over Queen Consolidated. That adds another cool go-getter aspect to him which I think is fun, which is where a lot of his passion and energy comes into the fact that he’s a self-made man in this way. He’s created this huge empire for himself. Now that he’s reached the pinnacle, what is he going to do? He had this tragedy in his life and now he’s going to give back. It’s a cool story."

+Routh said he's already tried on the Atom costume and that fans will definitely see it before the end of the season.  "The best way to describe it is it’s an Iron Man/RoboCop-ish feel, but different from all those too. Like, something you haven’t seen, exoskeleton as you can see from the hologram, that’s pretty badass."

+The interview closes with Routh stating that he thinks Henry Cavill did a great job as Superman in Man of Steel and that he's rooting for WB to succeed in their film adaptations.  "They’ve said this movie’s coming, this movie’s coming out, which I think is good. It gives them a bar to go and you have to make sure you reach the bar. So I think that’s cool and having a strong path is [important]. When it started out, everyone said, “Oh, superhero movies, they’re doing well. Okay, now they’re doing really well.” Now having a plan helps everyone feel more confident that they’re going towards something, just like the TV side is building bigger and bigger."

We also now know that Routh's Atom is also being looked at by The CW as a second spinoff from Arrow, following the incredible reception garnered by The Flash. Is the Atom a character you'd like to see in his own show? Are you more interested in a Suicide Squad or Birds of Prey spinoff? Sound off below in the usual spot with your opinions and comments.
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