CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: Every DC Comics Hero And Villain Confirmed To Appear In The Crossover

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: Every DC Comics Hero And Villain <font color=red>Confirmed</font> To Appear In The Crossover

Crisis on Infinite Earths looks set to be the biggest crossover in television history and we've now rounded up a list of all the DC Comics characters who are confirmed to make an appearance in the event...

Ever since Arrow first crossed over with The Flash, The CW's yearly DC TV events have been something we've all looked forward to. As time has passed, they've grown bigger and bigger, introducing new characters and setting up game changing new status quos for these iconic DC heroes and villains.

However, Crisis on Infinite Earths will be unlike anything ever seen on television before now as the shows mentioned above not only join the likes of Batwoman, Black Lightning, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow but also a huge host of characters from the wider (and we do mean wider) DC Universe.

From a big screen version of Superman to actors who haven't been seen on screen for years and heroes who haven't appeared in the Arrowverse before now, this event is going to be truly epic. Here, we take a look at all of those who have currently been CONFIRMED to appear in Crisis

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Green Arrow


The Arrowverse's first superhero, Green Arrow's time is nearing its end and with his show set to conclude in January, many fans believe he'll take the Flash's place and make the ultimate sacrifice.



John Diggle has been Oliver Queen's closest ally from pretty much the start and, as you might expect, he'll be following Green Arrow into battle one final time for this crossover event. 

Black Canary


Dinah Drake is clearly going to survive the events of Crisis as a spinoff for The CW's Canaries is currently in the works. Don't be surprised if they end up assembling during this crossover!

Black Siren


Earth-2's Laurel Lance has become an ally of sorts to Oliver Queen recently and considering the fact her world has seemingly been destroyed now, she's sure to want a piece of the Anti-Monitor.

Green Arrow II


Oliver and Felicity's daughter from the future will also have a role to play in Crisis as she's sent back to the past to fight alongside her father...and join her fellow heroes in that Canaries TV show. 

Connor Hawke


Bronze Tiger's son who was adopted by Diggle and Lyla, he too protects Star City in 2040 and after winding up in the past alongside Mia, the hero will also make his presence felt during this event.

Wild Dog


Team Arrow's ranks have thinned in recent years but Wild Dog is still around and he's set to play a minor role in the crossover as he once again steps up to help Green Arrow protect his city.

Lyla Michaels/Harbinger


Lyla is Diggle's wife but as Harbinger, she's taken on a very different role in the Arrowverse. Needless to say, she'll be one to keep an eye on during the course of Crisis on Infinite Earths

The Flash

The Flash


Right now, it appears as if Barry Allen will have to sacrifice himself to save the entire Multiverse but it's unlikely to be as simple as that. His time is nearing its end as December 10th nears, though.



Eobard Thawne has been making Barry's life hell for years now and it's hardly a surprise that the villainous speedster will make his presence felt here, particularly if it ensures his survival. 

Harrison Nash Wells


Nash Wells is on a mission to take down The Monitor and while he clearly has his own plans which won't necessarily benefit Team Flash, he does appear to be a good guy for the most part. 

Killer Frost


An iconic member of Team Flash, Killer Frost was always set to play a role here and given Caitlin Frost's scientific know-how, she's sure to be working hard to find a way to save the Scarlet Speedster.

Elongated Man


The Fastest Man Alive has decided that Ralph Dibny should take his place as Central City's main superhero following the events of Crisis so the pressure will be on him here to step up in a big way.



Cisco Ramon no longer has any powers so he likely won't be getting involved in the action that much but he's been on a quest to save Barry's life ever since that date on the newspaper changed. 

Iris West-Allen


Iris' name remains on that copy of the Central City Citizen and if things do wind up going badly for her husband, we can expect to see her write that "Flash Vanishes in Crisis" headline. 



A third Harrison Wells doppelganger who will make their presence felt here, Pariah's experiments are believed to have led to the Anti-Monitor destroying his Earth and he now wants vengeance.

The Flash (Earth-90)


John Wesley-Shipp returns to the Arrowverse as the original small TV of the Scarlet Speedster and it appears as if this version of Barry Allen will interact with a lot of other heroes this time!




The Girl of Steel has never shied away from helping her Earth-1 allies but with the Anti-Monitor taking aim at the entire Multiverse, Kara Danvers' world is also going to come under threat this time. 

Alex Danvers


The Director of the D.E.O. is obviously going to race into action alongside her sister for this event and while she may just be a human, she's proved herself on countless occasions now. 

Brainiac 5


Brainiac 5 is unable to return to his future so this member of the Legion of Superheroes remains in the past and will now help Supergirl and his fellow heroes out during the upcoming crisis.

Martian Manhunter


He's not in charge of the D.E.O. these days but Martian Manhunter remains one of the DC Universe's most powerful superheroes and we'll finally get to see him interact with some new faces.

Lex Luthor


After being killed by his sister, Lex Luthor was revived by The Monitor and while it's currently unclear who is in charge of his body, it appears as if he'll have a critical role to play during this story. 

Lena Luthor


While she's no longer best pals with Kara Danvers, Lena remains (mostly) on the side of the angels and will serve as an ally to both Alex and Martian Manhunter as they look to save their world. 



Before the Last Son of Krypton flies into his own series on The CW, he'll return during Crisis to help his fellow heroes save the Multiverse and take down the immensely powerful Anti-Monitor. 

Lois Lane


Supergirl's version of Lois Lane will also star in the aforementioned spinoff series but before we get to that point, we can look forward to the intrepid reporter joining the Man of Steel here. 

Kelly Olsen


James Olsen's disappointing run in the Arrowverse has ended but his little sister is sticking around and as Alex's girlfriend, it's easy to see why she'll play at least a minor role throughout this event.



Nia Nal protects National City as the heroic Dreamer and she'll finally get the chance to step up to the plate during Crisis on Infinite Earths. What exactly that will entail remains to be seen. 

Alura Zor-El


Erica Durance is going to pull double duty in the crossover as she once again takes on the role of Supergirl's mother (who currently lives on Argo City and frequently offers advice to Kara). 

Legends Of Tomorrow

White Canary


Sara Lance remains in charge of the Legends but with a crisis as big as this one, her team will definitely be needed. She's bound to share at least a few final scenes with Oliver Queen as well. 

Heat Wave


One of the few original members of the team, the one-time Central City villain is now a full-blown hero and we can expect to see him continue dropping classic one-liners during this event.

The Atom


Brandon Routh's time as Ray Palmer is also starting to wind down so he could be one of the most noteworthy casualties during Crisis on Infinite Earths. Here's hoping he gets a happy ending, though.

John Constantine


After his solo series was cancelled after just a single season, John Constantine first returned in Arrow before joining the ranks of the Legends. His supernatural abilities will surely come in handy. 

Jonah Hex


Fans have been crying out for Jonah Hex to take on a larger role in Legends of Tomorrow since his first appearance and that's now happened, hence why he'll take part in this crossover. 

Zari Tomaz


It's a shame we're not getting the original version of Zari here as she hailed from the same time period as Mia Queen. However, this new take on the character remains an intriguing part of Legends.



Another long-running member of the Legends, Steel has been popping up in these crossovers for a while now and as a historian, he'll be keeping a very close eye on how things play out here. 

From The Wider DC Universe...



Kate Kane now has her own series on The CW and after making her TV debut in last year's crossover, Batwoman will have a leading role this time as she teams up with the Girl of Steel. 

Bruce Wayne/Batman


Kevin Conroy is finally being given the opportunity to play Bruce Wayne in a live-action setting and while it's unlikely he'll suit up, we know he hails from the "Kingdom Come" timeline.

Kingdom Come Superman


Talking of "Kingdom Come," that's where this version of the Man of Steel comes from but it's also been revealed that Brandon Routh is playing the same version of Supes from Superman Returns!

Smallville Superman


We're finally returning to Smallville to catch up with Tom Welling's Clark Kent and while it's highly, highly unlikely that the actor will don his Superman suit, this promises to be a whole lot of fun. 

Smallville Lois Lane


We mentioned Erica Durance pulling double duty in Crisis and she will indeed be back as Smallville's Lois Lane. Unfortunately, Michael Rosenbaum declined to come back as Lex Luthor. 

Black Lightning


Black Lightning has always stayed in his own corner of the Arrowverse but for a crossover this huge, you'd best believe that he's finally getting in on the action. Honestly, it's about damn time!



Burt Ward is reprising his role as Dick Grayson/Robin from the 1960s Batman TV series and while he'll likely make only a very brief appearance, this shows how wide the cameo casting net has been!

Ryan Choi


Supernatural's Osric Chau plays Ryan Choi in Crisis on Infinite Earths and he'll be introduced as an Ivy Town professor who learns of his role in this world-changing event and becomes a hero. 



One of the more obscure cameos in this event, Ashley Scott reprises her Birds of Prey role to suit up as Huntress, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman who protects New Gotham City. 

Jim Corrigan


He was one of Constantine's closest allies in his solo series but The CW has cast Stephen Lobo as the character for this event, so we're presumably getting a rebooted version of The Spectre!



The Stargirl TV series will air on both DC Universe and The CW and with changes being made to the show, it sounds like the plan is for her to now be introduced during the course of this adventure.

Alexander Knox


That name may not be instantly familiar to you but Alexander Knox was a reporter in Tim Burton's Batman. When we return to that world, Robert Wuhl will be making a brief cameo appearance.

The Monitor


He's admittedly a little shady but The Monitor is attempting to bring together the heroes of many universe in order to counter his villainous counterpart, the extremely dangerous Anti-Monitor.

The Anti-Monitor


Considerably more powerful than The Monitor, The Anti-Monitor has been travelling from Earth to Earth, destroying them one after the other. Ultimately, he wants to kill the entire Multiverse! 
Which of these heroes and villains are you guys most excited to see in Crisis on Infinite Earths? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.
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