EDITORIAL: Proof That Laurel Lance Will Become 'Black Canary' In ARROW

EDITORIAL: Proof That Laurel Lance Will Become 'Black Canary' In ARROW

That's right, I'm back with another editorial, with some reasons why we'll see Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance take the identity of Black Canary in the CW's Arrow, even though her sister Sarah is currently wearing the mask. Hit the Jump!

Good day fellow readers, I'm back with another editorial, where I take comic characters, and describe some reasons why we could see them soon in different forms of media. Today I'll be talking about Katie Cassidy, who currently plays Laurel Lance in the well loved show, Arrow. Her sister Sarah, currently wears the mask of Black Canary, but I'm here to say that Laurel will soon take the identity. How? You ask. Read on for more! WARNING: This will contain minor spoilers.

Reason 1: Laurel Is Already Black Canary. In the “post-crisis” age, there are two people using the identity of Black Canary, a mother and a daughter. The mother's name is Dinah Lance, and the daughter's name being Laurel Lance. In Arrow, the names are exactly the same. So while I don't believe that Laurel and Sarah's mother will become Black Canary, I think that something could happen to Sarah, causing Laurel to put on the costume. Laurel is also Black Canary in the “New 52” comic series.

Reason 2: Somebody In ARROW Will Die Soon A few days ago, it was reported that there was a funeral scene being shot for the show, and fans are worried for the safety of their favorite characters, and I believe that the person they are burying could very well be Sarah, who is currently Black Canary. We learned in Episode 15, titled “The Promise” that Slade Wilson/Deathstroke has intentions to kill everyone around Oliver, and while Sarah promised that she wasn't easy to kill, she may be more vulnerable than we thought.

Reason 3: The Birds Of Prey The latest episode of Arrow was titled “Birds of Prey,” and in the episode, Laurel tries to prove to Sarah that she's tough, and actually does a pretty good job of it, even softening the heart of the Huntress. And does Sarah seem like the type to ever team up with Helena? NO. But Laurel is one to give second chances, and as she said, “it's not too late to turn around.” That basically says that Laurel is forgiving, and would probably fight alongside Huntress, and with Felicity, or someone else, making, the well known Birds of Prey team.

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Leave them in the comments below!
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