Intriguing Details On The Second Villain Who Will Appear In Season Three Of ARROW

Intriguing Details On The Second Villain Who Will Appear In Season Three Of ARROW

Can you figure out who Oliver Queen will be facing off against in the second episode of Arrow, season three? Hit the jump for details on that, another character from the comics who has been cast and Colton Haynes' thoughts on whether or not we'll see The Canary return...

TV Line have some information on the villain that Oliver Queen will be battling it out with in the second episode of season three of Arrow. While they don't have any specifics, they do have a description. Can you guys figure out whether or not this a character from the comics books? "Season 3’s second episode will find Oliver hunting down a vicious killer and mercenary who is wanted for murder in seven countries and now is targeting victims who are associated with a specific company." It's not an easy one to work out, right? The show has of course introduced newly created characters before now, so that is also a possibility.

In related news, it has also been revealed that Primo Allon (Godzilla) has been cast as "Osbourne", someone who many believe could be a new take on Gregory Osborne. In the comics, he was a CIA Agent encountered by Green Arrow during his time in Seattle. He would often use criminal means to fund missions that were not officially sanctioned by his agency, and this could possibly be someone who is introduced as part of Ollie's flashbacks. Either way, we'll find out when he appears in the premiere. In other news, the site also quotes Colton Haynes as saying that, "I think we’ll definitely see Sara back. I’m not sure how soon, but obviously, when she does, we might see different facets of her."

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