Is 'Batgirl' Coming To ARROW? It Certainly Sounds That Way...

Is 'Batgirl' Coming To ARROW? It Certainly Sounds That Way...

There weren't too many big announcements at Warner Bros.' Arrow panel, but they did decide to end it with a pretty big teaser which seemingly indicates that a prominent member of the Bat-Family will soon be making their way to the series in a Felicity-centric episode...

Felicty's backstory will finally be addressed in the third season of Arrow, but it's the title of that episode which has really generated a lot of buzz on social media this evening. The Comic-Con panel for The CW series ended with this reveal, and "Oracle" is clearly a reference to the role that Barbara Gordon played in the DC Universe before it was rebooted back in 2011 with "The New 52".

We'll likely be introduced to a young Barbara at MIT (where the majority of Felicity's origin takes place), but an appearance from the character leaves the door wide open for the character to make a return as Batgirl in present day Starling City somewhere down the line! Barry Allen's debut led to him getting his own series as The Flash, so could The CW have plans for Batgirl?

However, this is of course all speculation for now. What do you guys think?

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