[SPOILER] Is The ARROW Character In The Grave

[SPOILER] Is The ARROW Character In The Grave

<font color="red">[SPOILER]</font> Is The ARROW Character In The Grave

After months of speculation, set photos have managed to capture the name on the tombstone featured in the graveyard scene between The Flash and Green Arrow. Hint: It's a female member of Team Arrow....

Since the first trailer for Arrow season 4 was released, fans have been speculating on which character is in the grave during the scene between Barry and Oliver. Is it Felicity? Captain Lance? Diggle? Momma Smoak? The answer to that question is none of the above.  Thanks to spoilery set photos [WHICH YOU CAN VIEW HERE] it has been reveled that Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance is the key member of Team Arrow who pays the ultimate price.  And without a Lazarus Pit, it looks as if there won't be a way to bring anyone back from the grave this time around.

In a way, it 's unexpected yet it makes sense. Comic book fans were always going to point to the fact that Oliver and Laurel were destined to end up together.  However, with Oliver and Felicity progressing to such a point in their relationship that they're likely to tie the knot, Laurel's continued presence would have only served to antagonize old school Green Arrow fans.  

What do you think of this development? Do you think Laurel will really die or is this all part of some elaborate plan to capture the bad guy? Comment and discuss in the usual spot below. 

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