Stephen Amell Fan Q&A Covers Goatees, Nightwing And More

Stephen Amell Fan Q&A Covers Goatees, Nightwing And More

While touring Facebook HQ, Arrow star Stephen Amell engaged in a fan Q&A on his official facebook page. The highlights include questions about Oliver Queen's iconic facial hair, Nightwing and more.

Stephen Amell Facebook Arrow season 3
As we patiently await the Fall season premiere of Arrow season 3, Stephen Amell is kind enough to keep the fans in the loop on his training and stop at various comic book conventions across the US. He's also active on his official Facebook page, and recently fielded some fan questions while, fittingly enough, touring Facebook HQ. Here are the highlights:
[Note: Amell answered fan questions in the comment section, not in the video.]

-Q: Will we ever see the famous Oliver Queen goatee on Arrow?
AMELL: This video is probably as close as you'll ever get.

-Q:Will Oliver and Felicity ever get together?
AMELL: Funnily enough, that's the first time I've ever been asked that question. It was good to see us completely destroy the TV Guide poll yesterday, I will say that.

-Q: Have you ever thought about trying American Ninja Warrior?
AMELL: I have. YOUR MOVE American Ninja Warrior.

-Q:Will you sport the infamous Goatee of the Green Arrow in the next season ?
AMELL: ............................................... No.

-Q: Will Arrow eventually upgrade his suit to some body armor? I think that would be awesome!
AMELL: Stay tuned ;)

-Q: There have been rumors about Nightwing making an appearance in Arrow. Do you know anything about that or do we just have to wait and see.?
AMELL: You always have to wait and see.

-Q: What can we expect from Season 3 and how is it different from the past two seasons?
AMELL: Every season is a chapter. If you want to get a good road map of where Season 3 is going to go, pay particular attention to the themes of our premiere.

-Q: Have you thought about putting together a workout routine for some to follow?
AMELL: Ya... Only because I keep seeing rip offs on the internet. There's even a random post with my body on Joe Manganiello's head. Weird.

-Q: If you could be any other superhero or villain, who would it be and why?
AMELL: General Zod because of Terence Stamp.

-Q: Will you be coming to the NYC Comic-Con?
AMELL: Don't think so this year. Had a great time in 2012.

-Q: Will you be watching Gotham this fall? Assuming you like superhero shows...
AMELL: I certainly like Ben McKenzie... But I will probably only watch sports (and Parenthood) this Fall. My schedule is crazy. If the reports are good then I will catch up at a later date.

-Q: Will there be any crossover plans with Flash beyond the pilot?
AMELL: I mean... probably. But I've only seen the pilot.

-Q: You shared that you did musical theater at one time. Can you sing something for us?
AMELL: No. Secondarily... there will never EVER be a musical episode of Arrow. Can't say the same for the Flash. They've got musical chops over there.

-Q: What other DC characters would you like to see appear on Arrow?
AMELL: Nightwing would be pretty bad ass.

Q: Will Ra's al Ghul be making an appearance on Arrow??
AMELL: I'm going to respond to that, but I'm not actually going to answer it.

For the remaining balance of the fan Q&A, check out Amell's official Facebook Page.
  Arrow season 3 premieres October 8, 2014 on The CW.
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