Will Ted Grant/Wildcat be on ARROW?

Will Ted Grant/Wildcat be on ARROW?

Ted Grant who is also known as Wildcat, who is a rough around the edges World-class Heavyweight Boxer, and is also known for training Characters such as Black Canary, Batman, even Superman in the art. Could We be seeing him on Arrow? Could this also lead to Laurel fulfilling her destiny as The Black Canary?

So I was on Facebook this morning and i seen a picture posted by Stephen Amell himself, in the picture its him dressed as arrow standing in a boxing ring, and the first thought that comes to my mind is  Ted Grant/ Wildcat.  I dont believe there is any other reason why there would be a boxing ring on the show, Ted Grant makes the most sense.

Day 2.

Could this Mean Ted Grant/Wildcat could be appearing on arrow? Could this lead to the training of Laurel to
finally becoming The Black Canary?

And from more recent pictures of Katie Cassidy, she proves she is getting in top notch shape and is sporting a
more blonder look.  So What does everyone think?


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