BATWOMAN Season 1 Premiere Spoiler-Free Review; "A Strong Start To This New Arrowverse Series"

BATWOMAN Season 1 Premiere Spoiler-Free Review; "A Strong Start To This New Arrowverse Series"

BATWOMAN Season 1 Premiere <font color=red>Spoiler-Free</font> Review; "A Strong Start To This New Arrowverse Series"

Batwoman finally premiered on The CW last night but is this latest Arrowverse show set in the world of Gotham City really worth watching? Find our spoiler-free verdict on the first episode right here...

Introduced in last year's "Elseworlds" crossover, Ruby Rose's Batwoman was already a fully formed superhero and one who clearly had some potential despite a fairly limited role in the event. Well, the pilot episode of Kate Kane's new solo series on The CW takes us back to the beginning for an effective and compelling opener which is arguably far superior to previous Arrowverse premieres for shows like Arrow and The Flash

Batwoman stumbles a little at the start but once Kate is back in Gotham City, we quickly learn more about both her past and the status quo of the iconic location since Batman disappeared three years ago. A security force called The Crows has been established to protect Gotham's citizens in the Dark Knight's absence (which serves as a fun look at what might need to happen if Batman really was M.I.A.), while the cinematic feel of the series helps to effectively differentiate it from other shows set in this same world. As a result, Gotham immediately comes across as a very different place to Star City and Central City but more will need to be done if we're meant to believe it's as dangerous and deadly as everyone keeps saying. 

Ruby Rose is much better here than she was in "Elseworlds" and as time passes, she could become a real scene stealer as Batwoman. The actress feels far more confident in the role and is a likeable presence who it's easy to root for even in a premiere that doesn't give her a huge amount of time to develop the character. It's too early to say how enjoyable it will be to spend time with the supporting cast but Camrus Johnson's Luke Fox, Dougray Scott's Jacob Kane, and Meagan Tandy's Sophie Moore are currently the highlights. 

Something Batwoman really deserves credit for, though, is the way it handles the sexuality of both Kate and Sophie. The fact the former is openly gay isn't used in the same old cliched ways we've seen elsewhere or as an excuse to make this Caped Crusader a "different" sort of superhero; instead, it's pivotal to the story and addressed in a manner that will speak to those going through something similar, while hopefully offering a different perspective on homosexuality to those who are not. It's an important aspect of who Batwoman is as a character so The CW definitely deserves credit for making it a pivotal part of the action.

Speaking of action, that really isn't up to scratch here and could and should have been better. While it's perfectly fine, it really won't blow your mind in a genre that obviously features a lot of amazing fight scenes on both the big and small screens. That's not to say it's bad but there's nothing here that will get fans raving and for many people, that's an essential part of a series like this one (there are some impressive stunts here and there, though). 

Alice is teased as Batwoman's big bad in the premiere and by the time all is said and done, you'll definitely be intrigued by where things go next for her. The CW probably could have chosen someone better from either Kate or Bruce Wayne's respective rogues galleries but we know that bigger names are on the way and the show is ultimately going to have to address where the likes of The Joker and Two-Face are, not to mention characters like Alfred Pennyworth, Commissioner Gordon, and the other big names we know should be part of this world. Batman's disappearance is very compelling, though, and there are actually a lot of big mysteries teased in this pilot that will make you want to come back next week. It's a shame things end just when they feel like they're getting going but that's arguably a sign of a great pilot in the respect that you want to keep watching and don't want what you're seeing to end. With that in mind, Batwoman is a triumph because next Sunday can't get here soon enough. 

A strong start to this new Arrowverse series, Batwoman may need to up the ante in terms of action but a combination of some compelling mysteries and a great performance from Ruby Rose ensures you'll want to keep coming back to what appears to be one of the Fall's best new TV shows. 

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