Full ELSEWORLDS Trailer Features A First Look At Kate Kane And The Return Of [SPOILER]

Full ELSEWORLDS Trailer Features A First Look At Kate Kane And The Return Of [SPOILER]

Full ELSEWORLDS Trailer Features A First Look At Kate Kane And The Return Of <font color=red>[SPOILER]</font>

Reality will be rewritten in the Arrowverse when this year's Elseworlds crossover kicks off next week, and now a minute-long promo sheds some light on what we should expect and features some big surprises.

Last night's episode of The Flash featured some big surprises but the Elseworlds crossover promises to be even more epic than even the 100th episode of the Scarlet Speedster's series. 

Now, a full-length promo trailer has been released and it features plenty of exciting teases about what's to come. It also offers a first look at Kate Kane outside of her Batwoman costume and shows more of Gotham City, as Barry Allen and Oliver Queen come to terms with switching lives and becoming the Green Arrow and the Flash. 

We also get to see the surprise return of Reverse-Flash, which presumably has something to do with reality being rewritten. It even looks like Team Flash will end up taking a villainous turn at some point, possibly thanks to whatever The Monitor is planning!

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breakdown of all the heroes who have died on Earth-90!


The first Earth-90 casualty is quite clearly Stargirl. The character has appeared in both Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow, and Courtney Whitmore will take centre stage in a series of her own on the DC Universe streaming service. 

Chances are this isn't a Stargirl we know because the version introduced in the Arrowverse was killed off during the second season of Legends of Tomorrow, so she's probably native to Earth-90.



It's hard to say for sure who this is (there's even a theory that it could be Brainiac-5) but given the colour scheme of the costume, it's either James Olsen's Guardian or John Diggle's alter-ego, Spartan. 

We don't really know what Earth-90 is like so it's also possible that Olsen is Spartan or Diggle is actually Guardian! Chances are this won't be elaborated on as he's, you know, dead and all. 



Huntress appeared in the first two seasons of Arrow but is unlikely to be seen in the Arrowverse again due to a big screen version of the character being introduced in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie. That might explain why she's among the casualties and it probably gave The CW a good excuse to bring out this costume for one final time before 2020 rolls around.


We've spent time with quite a few different versions of Firestorm in the Arrowverse and while it's impossible to say which one this might be, the powerful superhero has clearly been defeated and left for dead. It's no great surprise that the Flash would count him as an ally, though. 

Either way, with no Firestorm around to provide back-up to the team during this crossover, this glimpse of the character is probably the last we'll see for a while now.


Captain Cold

As Easter Eggs go, this is a great one. While you'd be forgiven for not recognising him if you didn't watch The Flash back in the 90s, that is indeed the original Captain Cold lying dead on the ground.

Played by Michael Champion, "Leonard Wynters" had white hair just like the character we see here and it's now clear that The Monitor's attack on Earth-90 was more than enough for the Scarlet Speedster to have to team up with one of his greatest foes.


Jesse Quick

The daughter of Harrison Wells, Jesse Quick is a speedster for Earth-2 and while this dead hero bears an uncanny resemblance to that version, chances are this one hails from Earth-90.

There's not much more to say beyond that but given how many speedsters we've crossed paths with over the years, the 90s Flash's universe could easily feature more than one Scarlet Speedster! Jesse's death is bound to have an impact on Barry Allen. 


The Ray

We first met The Ray on Earth X during last year's Arrowverse crossover. It's unclear whether or not this is the same version played by Russell Tovey but the character is no stranger to travelling to alternate dimensions so it's certainly feasible that he could have been on Earth-90 when The Monitor attacked (in fact, there's evidence pointing to that being the case). 

The Ray is an extremely powerful hero so regardless of which universe he hails from, this just goes to show that The Monitor is truly a force to be reckoned with during this event on The CW.


Hawkman And Hawkgirl

The helmets of both Hawkman and Hawkgirl can quite clearly be seen in this preview and seeing as those two characters are well-known for being formidable, their deaths must have been glorious!

They'll obviously be resurrected somewhere down the line but chances are the Earth-90 versions - or any other for that matter - won't be making an appearance during the Elseworlds crossover. 


Citizen Cold

Seemingly confirming that is The Ray we know from "Earth X" who is dead and gone, we see what appears to be the body of Wentworth Miller's Citizen Cold, the lover of that powerful hero.

Miller is obviously done with the Arrowverse after his last appearance so it would actually make sense for Citizen Cold to be killed off, especially after we've already said goodbye to Captain Cold.


Green Arrow

Perhaps the biggest shocker in this stinger comes when we see the body of a Green Arrow wearing the costume Justin Hartley donned in Smallville as the Emerald Archer. It's entirely feasible that the Flash's TV series took place in that world and even if it didn't, Oliver Queen could have somehow travelled to Earth-90 to battle The Monitor.

Unfortunately, it's been widely reported that we won't see characters from Smallville in Elseworlds, so even if he has been killed, it's unlikely we'll get to see his fellow League members react to that!

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