GOTHAM: A First Look At The Season 5 Finale Batman Costume Has Seemingly Leaked Online

GOTHAM: A First Look At The Season 5 Finale Batman Costume Has Seemingly <font color=red>Leaked</font> Online

We've known for some time that Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) would be suiting-up as Batman in the series finale of Gotham, and a first glimpse of the costume he'll be sporting appears to have leaked online...

Is this the Bat-suit Bruce Wayne will don in the series finale of Gotham?

An image of what appears to be the final incarnation of the iconic Batman costume that David Mazouz (well, a 6'4 stand-in with the actor's face) will wear in the upcoming season 5 finale appears to have leaked over on Reddit. The original poster points out that a filter has been applied to brighten up the image, so chances are we'll only see this outfit in the shadows on the actual episode.

While we have no way of knowing for certain that this is legit, the same Reddit page did leak photos of The Joker's (Cameron Monaghan) final look in the recent Ace Chemicals episode, so there's a good chance this is also on the level.

The costume looks to be mostly inspired by the one Christian Bale wore in The Dark Knight, but there are also elements of the Joel Schumacher Bat-suits in there. Again, we're probably not going to get a proper look at Batman in the finale anyway, so the finer details are not really worth focusing on to too great an extent.

What do you guys think? Drop us a comment, and let us know if you've been watching the final season of Gotham.
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