New Details On GOTHAM's Lack Of Batman, The Joker's Introduction, Geoff Johns' Role And More

New Details On GOTHAM's Lack Of Batman, The Joker's Introduction, Geoff Johns' Role And More

We didn't get any casting news at Fox's panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, but we do have a lot of new details about the series, including everything listed in the headline above and a whole lot more! "Gordon is the guy that creates Batman," says Bruno Heller...

Some fans are sceptical about Gotham, and based on many of the details below, fans who tune in for a Batman series are going to be disappointed. Instead, it looks set to be a crime drama with some familiar characters from the DC Comics, but that doesn't mean that we won't still have a lot to look forward to as they explore the city's early years. There are obviously a lot of familiar faces popping up in the pilot, and when asked how many more we'll see moving forwards, showrunner Bruno Heller cautioned that we won't necessarily see someone new every week. "You kind of have to frontload the pilot with the best you've got," says EP Bruno Heller. "As the show rolls on, we'll be far more careful with how we roll out the villains and in what way... These are the origin stories of these guys. The Penguin comes fully fledged since you have to show your best cards up front, but as we go on, a slower roll out." Talking of villains, the young actress who will play Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) said that while she's been busy researching the role, her character doesn't know that she’ll be Catwoman one day; all she knows is that she loves cats! Meanwhile, that rumour about The Joker has also been debunked as Heller revealed that while it won't be a weekly guessing game, they will still tease and play with his identity.

The first season of Gotham will also feature a superhero...Gotham itself! Heller was quick to point out that we won't be seeing Batman anytime soon, but did have a very interesting take on how Bruce Wayne eventually adopts that persona and Detective Jim Gordon's importance in that story. "Gordon is the moral linchpin of the show -- he's the guy that creates Batman, or gives Batman permission to exist in that world. This is the journey of a man who's very much about law and order to someone who accepts this dark vigilante. The stories will proliferate and the characters will proliferate, but Gordon will remain at the center." He added, "[It's a story of] how do you deal with crime of this level when there are no superheroes? When ordinary men and women are dealing with the struggle waiting for a savior. It's about men and women and not about superheroes and that's the more interesting story."

So, does that mean that we should expect a very different take on the Caped Crusader's origin story? Not exactly. "It's not a whole new mythology," he promised. "When so many stories [in the comics] are created, none of them can be constant with each other. We won't break the canonical iron truths of the Batman mythology, but issues of chronology, we will play with." Lead actor Ben McKenzie also had a very interesting take on those comments, describing Gotham as a series which will show the city devolving to the point where it needs someone like Bruce Wayne to don the cape and cowl and to fight alongside Jim Gordon. "It's how you get there that's the interesting journey -- a city that's going to fall into total disrepair and anarchy and need a vigilante [is fascinating]. It's noir, the structure that exists around him is so daunting that no single man is going to be able to overcome it." As a result, don't expect them to shy away from violence! "This is a crime story and crime is violence, essentially. We're all very aware that we're telling a crime story to a general audience, Fox is right on top of that and very aware of the type of audience they're trying to go for.. the benchmark of what is acceptable violence has risen, it's hard for any individual show to calibrate that," adds Heller. 

In some exciting news, Heller also revealed that he has consulted with Arrow and The Flash writer Geoff Johns. Does that mean we'll see a crossover between the three? Well, no, but it does mean that the comic book writer could contribute to Gotham at some point! "I've been talking to Geoff Johns at DC for some time, and Geoff and the rest of the guys have been part of this process from the beginning. When I talk about the canonical myth and what's inside it and what's outside it, they've been absolutely crucial... they've given us a lot of leeway and freedom to create. I'm hoping Geoff is going to be writing some episodes down the line. We talk about it constantly, which villains would be appropriate when and how." Other interesting details include the fact that the first season will revolve around the rise of The Penguin and his struggles with Fish Mooney, while the setting of the series will likely never be revealed. Instead, it has a mix of flip phones and retro cars in what is described as a "timeless world" which will see Batman exist in the present and make Gotham everyone's memory of the past and how the hero came to be. What do you guys think? Share your thoughts below!
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