SCOOP: 'Scarecrow' Comes To GOTHAM In Feb 2nd's Ep - "The Fearsome Dr. Crane"

<font color="red">SCOOP:</font> 'Scarecrow' Comes To GOTHAM In Feb 2nd's Ep - "The Fearsome Dr. Crane"

We've received word that the classic fear-inducing Batman villain will make his debut in the fourteenth episode of Fox's Gotham, though we don't know who'll be playing him yet. We do have some details on the ep itself though, so click on have a look.

It seems Jim Gordon's first case after being reassigned to his old position with the GCPD will be a doozy! CBM can exclusively reveal that in the February 2nd episode of Fox's Gotham, he and Bullock will be hunting down "a killer who targets victims with severe phobias". Sound like someone we know? The title of the ep is "The Fearsome Dr, Crane", so you shouldn't need too many guesses. Yes, the Scarecrow will make his presence known in a couple of weeks, but we didn't get word on which actor would be playing him unfortunately. The rest of this instalment deals with Fish Mooney attempting to turn Maroni against the Penguin by spilling a secret, and Bruce taking Gordon to task for failing to solve his parents' murder. We'll keep you posted if and when any more information comes to light.
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