iZOMBIE: Liv & Ravi Go Salsa Dancing In A Red Hot First Look At The Fifth & Final Season

iZOMBIE: Liv & Ravi Go Salsa Dancing In A Red Hot First Look At The Fifth & Final Season

iZOMBIE: Liv & Ravi Go Salsa Dancing In A Red Hot First Look At The Fifth & Final Season

iZombie is ending next season and based on this red-hot first look photo, it's going out with a big bang as Liv consumes some of her most insanely entertaining brains yet. Plus, she gets Ravi involved too.

With each and every brain, Rose McIver has proven time and time again that she's one of the finest actresses working on television today and it looks like she'll continue to up her game in the coming fifth and final season of iZombie when she consumes the brain of a top dancer and adopts her spicy personality. 

She'll make her transformation in Episode 3, titled "Five, Six, Seven, Ate," and will bring Ravi into her latest scheme. Showrunner Rob Thomas explains, “Liv is on the brain of a codependent dancer, and she ropes Ravi into going undercover to compete for a chance to escape the walled city of Seattle… in a nationally televised dance show.

The pair will, of course, be working a case, “They are investigating the murder of the couple expected to win [the competition] before their untimely demise.,” but that big trophy is going to be hard to pass up, which is why we see them rehearsing their sure-to-be phenomenal routine.

Will Seattle become the capital of the zombie homeland? In season three, Liv has discovered there are more zombies living in Seattle than she previously believed, including a private military contractor employing a zombie army that is preparing for the day humans learn of their existence. Major finds acceptance in this army, and Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a zombie family that may set off an all-out zombie-human war. Ravi’s former boss at the Center for Disease Control shows up in Seattle to investigate the Max Rager massacre. Blaine finds living as a human with no memory of his evil past is more blessing than curse. Peyton pulls at a thread in one of her cases that may lead to the villain that’s pulling all the strings. This action-packed season will see Liv take on the traits of a dominatrix, a JACKASS-style stunt man, an office gossip, a pre-school teacher, a conspiracy theorist, a dungeon master, and more.

iZombie features:
Rose McIver as Olivia "Liv" Moore
Malcolm Goodwin as Clive Babineaux
Rahul Kohli as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti
Robert Buckley as Major Lilywhite
David Anders as Blaine DeBeers
Aly Michalka as Peyton Charles
Bryce Hodgson as Don Everhart

iZombie returns with an all-new episode TBD 2019
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