LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Producers Talk 'Hawkman', 'Booster Gold', 'Jay Jackson' & More

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Producers Talk 'Hawkman', 'Booster Gold', 'Jay Jackson' & More

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Producers Talk 'Hawkman', 'Booster Gold', 'Jay Jackson' & More

Legends Of Tomorrow won't debut until early 2016, but the show's producers have revealed several fascinating new details - including Hawkman's age and origin, Jay Jackson's story, and Booster Gold!

The Hollywood Reporter recently caught up with Legends Of Tomorrow EP's Marc Guggenheim & Phil Klemmer to discuss some intruiging new details about the show's first season. Beginning with inspiration and tone, Guggenheim revealed that he encouraged writing staff to read Dan Jurgens' 2011 comic book run Time Masters: Vanishing Point, calling it "a good series for its depiction of Rip Hunter and a crazy combination of characters."

Interestingly, THR point out that 'Professor Zoom' (the popular big bad from the first season of The Flash) makes an appearance at the end of Vanishing Point. Could Legends Of Tomorrow follow suit? Guggenheim also revealed that "the show 
will contain elements of Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis’ Justice League International run" - alluding to both series' lighter tones.

According to the producers, 
Falk Hentschel's 'Hawkman' will be 5,000 years old and will retain the memories from his past lives - but Ciara Renee's 'Hawkgirl' will not. Guggenheim refused to confirm whether the latter is an alien from 'Thanagar', but claimed that fans will "get a chance to see" her origin, calling it "one of the more faithful origins that [The CW] have told."

Franz Drameh was recently cast 'Jay Jackson', a name unfamiliar to fans of DC Comics. Many suggested that he could be the new 'Firestorm', while others believed it was a ruse to hide the identity of another DC character. However, Klemmer revealed that "Jay Jackson not code for any other DC superhero” - so he may well be an original character. In THR's initial casting report, Jackson was described as 'a former high school athlete who was injured in a debilitating accident'. 

Finally, is it possible to create a DC time-travel show without including 'Booster Gold'? According to Klemmer, it might have to be. "I wish I could tease a Booster thing, but you might have to wait a good long while - at least on our show" he claimed. We still have no idea about DC's plan for either Booster Gold or Blue Beetle, but their absences from DC TV could potentially suggest a movie is on the way. "Perhaps Booster is being groomed for bigger things..." Klemmer added, coyly.

Legends Of Tomorrow premieres midseason on The CW.
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