LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Season 4 Will Reportedly Feature A Wolf Creature In A Recurring Role

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Season 4 Will Reportedly Feature A Wolf Creature In A Recurring Role

The Legends of Tomorrow will be getting another new ally in Season 4, as a recent character breakdown reveals an unnamed Wolf Creature will be joining forces with the show's heroes. Hit the jump for more.

The past three seasons of Legends of Tomorrow have seen a number of characters join the crew of the Waverider, and the CW show's upcoming fourth season won't be any different.

According to That Hashtag Show, the popular DC Comics show is looking to cast a currently unnamed Wolf Creature. The role is open to male and female actors of any ethnicity, but they do want the performer to be "in their late 20-40s."

Also, while the Wolf Creature is set to be a recurring character in Season 4, whoever "gets cast would have a series regular option for a potential fifth season," meaning they could become a mainstay next season.

Again, the site doesn't have a name for the character other than Wolf Creature, but they were able to learn a bit about the beast's personality.

"This alter ego is always looking for a fight and cruising for a bruising, in the Legends’ best interest. Despite its intelligent, the Wolf Creature tends to look at things through black and white while also lacking social skills. His/her relationship with the Legends will be quite an uneasy one. The Wolf Creature tends to be loyal to those that they consider their tribe. They can also be impulsive and act quite selfishly from time to time, but that’s because of their natural animal instincts. They transform into this Wolf Creature when they are angry or experiencing emotional pain or turmoil."

Finally, it's noted that unlike many of the other Legends, this Wolf Creature and its human alter ego will likely be an original character. Though, this creative decision shouldn't be too shocking for faithful viewers, as the series has already introduced a few original heroes and villains.

But what do you folks think? Are you looking forward to meeting Legends of Tomorrow's latest cast member? Make sure to leave a comment below.
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