New DC Comics Adaptation PROJECT 13 Is Being Developed By The CW With Elizabeth Banks Producing

New DC Comics Adaptation PROJECT 13 Is Being Developed By The CW With Elizabeth Banks Producing

The CW is bringing us some paranormal mystery with their next DC adaptation, based around the comic book character, Traci Thirteen. But will it be part of the Arrowverse? Find out more after the jump...

Since the later seasons of Smallville, The CW has been home to adaptations of DC comic characters. Today of course, the network has a plethora of DC shows with the Arrowverse. After The CW ordered Black Lightning, fans were left wondering what the next DC project could be and now, we have an answer.

Variety has revealed that the network is in the early stages of developing a new series based on the DC comics character Traci Thirteen and her father, Dr. Thirteen. The one hour drama will focus on Traci, a forensic scientist in her twenties who discovers she has extrasensory abilities. After seeking out her estranged father, a paranormal sceptic, they begin to explore cases relating to the paranormal activity.

In the comics Traci has numerous magical abilities such as being able to create force fields, fire magic blasts and even teleport. In contrast, her father, Dr. Terrance Thirteen's sceptism can make him immune to effects of magic.

At this time, there is no word on whether the show would be part of the Arrowverse. However, the characters have crossed over with the likes of Batman and The Flash, even appearing in the popular comic book storyline ‘Flashpoint.’

The potential new series won't be produced by Greg Berlanti, who heads up the Arrowverse shows. Instead, Power Rangers actress Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman are set to work behind the scenes on the project as producers, while Daegan Fryklind will serve as executive producer and the writer of the new show.

Are you excited for a brand new DC comics adaptation on The CW? Who do you think should play the lead characters? Let us know in the comments below.
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