PENNYWORTH Audition Tapes Promise A Drastic New Take On Batman's Butler - SPOILERS

PENNYWORTH Audition Tapes Promise A Drastic New Take On Batman's Butler - <font color=red>SPOILERS</font>

Epix is currently in the process of casting the lead role in Pennyworth and based on the information revealed in these audition tapes, we're getting a very different take on Batman's future butler...

As Warner Bros. continues expanding the DC Universe on the small screen, Epix (no, I've not heard of them either) has started the casting process for Pennyworth, an upcoming TV series which will put the spotlight on a young Alfred Pennyworth. Based on what we see in the audition tapes below featuring Tom Brittney (Outlander), the show will deliver a vastly different take on the fan-favourite character. 

It's already been revealed that Pennyworth will pick up with Alfred after he's left the S.A.S. and forms a "secret company" with Thomas Wayne but these videos reveal that he's actually a selfish young man who doesn't think too highly of the wealthy. He then has a conversation with an unknown character about kidnapping Wayne for an unknown, villainous organisation (could it be the Court of Owls?). 

In return, they will release a woman called Esme who appears to be Aflred's love interest. It definitely appears as if this version of the butler has a lot in common with the one seen in Gotham, something which makes a lot of sense considering the fact that show's co-creator and showrunner Bruno Heller will be working on the series alongside Danny Cannon, that show's writer and executive producer.

With that in mind, don't expect Pennyworth to be too comic accurate. What do you guys think? 

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