SPOILERS: This Is The DC Comics Superhero Who Will Take On A Leading Role In POWERLESS

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> This Is The DC Comics Superhero Who Will Take On A Leading Role In POWERLESS

A script review for DC Comics workplace sitcom Powerless has been revealed, and it sheds some light on both the tone of the series and which Justice League member will be the hero of Charm City...

Bleeding Cool have got their hands on the Ben Queen penned script for the pilot episode of Powerless, and it sounds like this show has the potential to be a lot of fun. You can check out more details and excerpts by clicking on the link below, but the biggest reveal here i that the show opens with a montage of familiar DC Comics superheroes (well, sort of) before revealing that the series takes place in Charm City.

You may recall that it was previously mentioned that a superhero from the Justice League will have a presence in Powerless, and we now know that will be...Crimson Fox? She's not exactly a huge name, but there are a lot of references throughout the script to some more familiar names, so who knows who else could cameo down the line. 

The site goes on to weigh in on the script, describing it as, "fun and snappy, but there is little to separate it from a million-and-one other whip-smart office-work-in-the-city shows, apart from the superheroic textures – and the fact that Emily isn’t actually a superhero. But as the show demonstrates, she’s anything but powerless. It might be enough to bring out new themes, new experiences and carve out a unique place for itself. Until Damage Control comes out, that is." So, it sounds pretty good then! Who NBC will cast as Crimson Fox will hopefully be revealed soon. 
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