Len Wein On A New Swamp Thing Movie

Len Wein On A New <em>Swamp Thing</em> Movie

The legendary co-creator of several X-Men including Wolverine, as well as countless other Marvel and DC properties spoke to Movieweb at SDCC. He spoke about the Swamp Thing movie which is currently in limbo, and how much he and others are working towards getting it off the ground..

We have heard from several directors and producers about their love for this character, and how much they would love to get a new movie into production..well add one more! Only this time its co-creator of several of fandom's most cherished characters, Len Wein.

Wein says that he is sure we will see the movie at some point. That there is a rights problem that he doesn't know too much about, but "We desperately want to make a new Swamp Thing". He says that he has written a script and that Producer Joel Silver is "Gung-ho to do it right, big budget, CG, the whole thing..". Akiva Goldsman will apparently re-work Wein's script, and he says once they work out the rights problems, they WILL make Swamp Thing.

Ok, This sounds a lot more promising than the last update we had on this. Of course, those issues with the rights aren't going away on their own. I just hope that everything works out and we get a proper version of this great character on-screen. Not that the other movies weren't fun, but they are a million miles away from The Earth Elemental introduced in Alan Moore's run, which by all accounts this movie would adapt.

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