Stephen Amell Confirms That FLASHPOINT Will Affect ARROW

Stephen Amell Confirms That FLASHPOINT Will Affect ARROW

At the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey this weekend, and after weeks of speculation, Oliver Queen actor Stephen Amell confirmed to the crowd that Flashpoint will affect Arrow and in a major way.

At the end of The Flash season 2, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) traveled back to the night his Mom was murdered by the Reverse-Flash for a third time and on this temporal journey, he stopped Thawne from committing the heinous act.  DC Comics fans know that a very similar event occurred in a Geoff Johns written DC miniseries called, Flashpoint.  That comic book event chronicled the cataclysmic fallout from Barry's actions, which led to the entire DC Comics universe being re-written.  In that new reality, it was Bruce Wayne who was murdered in a Gotham alley, not his parent - a change that would inspire Thomas Wayne to don the cape and cowl of the Batman.  The new status quo also revealed that upon his arrival on Earth, Superman was immediately captured by the US government and placed in a prison devoid of yellow sunlight, growing up to become a pencil-thin caricature of his traditional muscular appearance. 

Green Arrow doesn't escape Barry's temporal manipulations either, in the Flashpoint universe, Oliver Queen is an inventor with a tech background who secretly steals the weapons from C-list super-villains to create prototypes for the US government.  Previously, Stephen Amell hinted that Flashpoint and what happens on The Flash COULD affect Arrow but at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey this weekend, he was a bit more bullish, revealing that Arrow WILL definitely be affected by Flashpoint and in a major way. 

With that confirmation, the question that remains is how?  Will the TV show follow what occurred in the comics or will we see completely different changes?  Will characters who have already died (like Laurel Lance and Tommy Merlyn) return from the grave?  The possibilities are literally endless. 

How would you like the show to tackle Flashpoint (other than changing Olicity)?  Let us know in the comment section below.   

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