New Stills From The TITANS Premiere Feature Robin In Action, The Flying Graysons, Starfire, And More

New Stills From The TITANS Premiere Feature Robin In Action, The Flying Graysons, Starfire, And More

DC Universe has released the first official batch of promotional stills for Titans and these put the spotlight on the first meeting between Dick Grayson and Raven, Robin taking down some thugs, and more...

That first trailer for Titans didn't receive the response Warner Bros. probably wanted, especially as the show is set to be the focal point of its planned DC Universe streaming service. Doom Patrol is obviously expected to spin out of that and Swamp-Thing and Stargirl TV shows are also in the early stages of development. For now, though, the focus is being put firmly on this planned Teen Titans adaptation.

With screeners sent out to critics, we'll no doubt hear more about the show soon but DC Universe has now released a new batch of stills from the pilot episode which are interesting for a lot of reasons. 

For starters, we see more of Dick Grayson as a cop and even get a flashback to the moment The Flying Graysons were gunned down. There are also new shots of Raven and Starfire and the latter is bound to continue generating discussion. So, to take a look at these new stills, click on the "View List" button. 

"F*** Batman!" This still seemingly comes from that controversial scene from the trailer and the thugs Dick Grayson has taken out here look to be in bad shape. The question is, had he killed any of them?

After watching the R-Rated first trailer, many fans jumped to the conclusion that this version of Robin is a killer, something which is obviously a far cry from his comic book counterpart's gentler methods.

Brenton Thwaites definitely seems like a good choice to take on the role of Robin in this series but it's also clear that the show will actually deliver a very different take on Batman's former sidekick. 


The death of The Flying Graysons is what results in Robin being taken into Bruce Wayne's care and these photos make it clear that we can expect to see a flashback to that fateful night in his life.

Before we get to Starfire's unique look in the series, who on Earth is she meeting with here? That's a photo of Raven in her hands, so it's likely a villain of some sort but why does he look so messed up?

Rumour has it that Starfire looks this way because she attends some sort of 80s themed party before finding herself embroiled in this adventure. So, don't be surprised if she quickly gets a new look.

Dick Grayson holding a gun? What would Batman think? He is a cop in this series to be fair but based on what little we know, he doesn't get on so well with his colleagues. Oh, and he's not really a teen!

Dick has clearly been called in to help a young girl in trouble and that youngster just so happens to be Raven. This first meeting between the two more than likely leads to the team's formation. 

Despite his feelings about the Dark Knight, it looks like we could see a caring side of this badass (and foul-mouthed) Robin if this is any indication. Bear in mind that he'll also serve as the team's leader.


We don't know a huge amount about how Raven will be portrayed in the series but she's quite a bit younger than Robin and seemingly on the run from a threat who will be revealed down the line.

I guess Dick Grayson has the same expensive taste in cars as his mentor, Bruce Wayne. Fans will obviously be hoping that the hero ends up racing through the city streets on his motorbike.

One of the biggest questions fans have about the show is whether or not Robin will transform into Nightwing. That's something which should happen but will more than likely be saved for the finale.

Further proof that Raven is homeless and/or on the run, the youngster clearly needs to be taken under someone's wing and it's easy to imagine the series revolving around her finding a family in the Titans.

Starfire's appearance has been the cause of much debate and it's certainly an interesting direction to take the character in. This could be her permanent look or one that only lasts for a few episodes. 

Either way, common sense says that Warner Bros. has taken fan complaints on board and might make some changes. What we should probably forget is her donning that skimpy comic book costume.

Dick Grayson does look like a badass in the series but does him being a cop run the risk of making the show feel like too much of a procedural? We'll have to wait and see but it's definitely a possibility.


The signs are all pointing to Raven being a huge part of this series and that's probably because she's on the run from someone...or something. What that could be obviously remains to be seen for now.

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