The TITANS Villain Will Reportedly Tie Back To A '90s Issue Of YOUNG JUSTICE

The TITANS Villain Will Reportedly Tie Back To A '90s Issue Of YOUNG JUSTICE

The TITANS Villain Will Reportedly Tie Back To A '90s Issue Of YOUNG JUSTICE

The live-action Teen Titans television drama set to debut on DC's untitled streaming platform in 2018 will reportedly see the team square up against a villain from 1999's Young Justice #9.

A casting call for a role in the upcoming live-action Titans drama coming to DC Comics' forthcoming streaming platform has revealed the first details on the show's villain and provided some clues to the plot of the show. It seems the drama is somewhat drawing inspiration from the 2016 direct-to-video animated feature Justice League vs Teen Titans.  The film centered on a young Raven just coming into her powers while she's being pursued by the demonic forces of her father, Trigun.  

The Hashtag Show (who previously broke the scoop on Hawk and Dove's inclusion) have spotted a casting 
description  for The Acolyte, a character who debuted in the Young Justice comic book from 1999.  He's apparently looking to capture and steal Raven's powers, perhaps either for himself or for his presumed master, Trigun.

The Acolyte – Male. African-American 40-50. Confident. The villain of our story. He is after Rachel and her powers, trying to kidnap her after he murders her mother.

Angela – Female 40-50. Rachel’s (adoptive) mom. She gets killed in an attempt to kidnap Rachel.

In the comics, the Acolyte is a blue-skinned, horned demon who boasts of having a wide array of mystical powers before the Young Justice team discovers that he's really a human who's cleverly used tricks and prosthetics to make himself appear to be more than he really is.

With the character description, it's also easy to logically speculate that the show will see Robin/Nightwing attempting to protect Raven from The Acolyte and Trigun and ultimately deciding to bring in the rest of the Titans to back him up. It also make sense why the Raven actresses is so much younger than the rest of the cast.

Do you think this plot can result in an entertaining show? If the streaming platform isn't fee, how much are you willing to shell out on a monthly basis?  Let us know in the usual spot below.
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