TITANS Images Give Us A First Official Look At Doom Patrol Members Robotman, Elast-Girl & Negative Man

TITANS Images Give Us A First Official Look At Doom Patrol Members Robotman, Elast-Girl & Negative Man

TITANS Images Give Us A First Official Look At Doom Patrol Members Robotman, Elast-Girl & Negative Man

Some promotional stills for the fourth episode of Titans, "Doom Patrol," have found their way online, and they give us a first official glimpse of Robotman, Elasti-Girl And Negative Man. Check 'em out...

The fourth episode of DC Universe's Titans will introduce The Doom Patrol before the "misfit heroes" return in their own spinoff show, and thanks to some new promo stills we have our first official look at three members of the group.

The episode, appropriately titled "Doom Patrol," will see Beast Boy take Rachel to meet his rather unconventional "family," - a group of misfit medical experiments who have formed a team.

Check out the images below along with some stills for tonight's episode, and let us know if you've been enjoying Titans so far.

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Beast Boy And The Doom Patrol

We've seen some set snaps and a couple of blurry images from NYCC, but here we have our first official look at Robotman, Negative Man and Elastigirl.

It seems Gar Logan considers himself a member of the Doom Patrol for the time being - so what prompts him to join The Titans?


Rita Farr, aka Elasti-Girl, will be played by Drop Dead Diva star April Bowlby, and as you can see from this image, it looks like she doesn't quite have a handle on her powers yet.


This comic-accurate take on Robotman will be physically portrayed by Riley Shanahan, but The Mummy actor Brendan Fraser will provide his voice and also appear as the character's human alter-ego Cliff Steele in flashbacks.

Negative Man

Former Air Force test pilot Larry Traino will be played by Star Trek: Discovery actor Dwain Murphy. This character has the ability to discharge energy from this body in the form of a shadowy silhouette referred to as the Negative Man, or the Negative Spirit.

A Pit-Stop

The duo stop for a break after a hard day staying ahead of Dick Grayson, who Raven no longer trusts.

More Trouble

That guys does not look very friendly, but something tells us the ladies are more than capable of taking care of business.

The Nuclear Family

Titans' take on these classic DC villains remains shrouded in mystery, but we do know they're every bit as creepy and dangerous as their comic book counterparts.

Starfire To The Rescue

As lethal as the ginger weirdos are, they're no mach for Kory, who will be sporting a more comic-accurate costume... eventually.

Raven's Escape Attempt

Poor Rachel has been through the ringer, but she's about to discover that not everyone is out to do her harm.

Starfire Makes A Discovery

Kory finds something very interesting in a storage locker. A clue to her real identity, perhaps?

A Quick Bite

Raven and Starfire stop for a feed. Is the young runaway beginning to trust her new companion?

Beast Boy

Rachel meets a kindred spirit in Gar Logan (Ryan Potter), who is impressed with her arcade game skills.

The Convent

Kory takes Rachel back to the convent where she was raised - a place that may hold more clues to both their pasts than they realize.

Robin And Raven

Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) catches up with Rachel after their falling out in the previous episode - but he may have some work to do before she's ready to forgive him.
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