TITANS: Seamus Dever Will Reportedly Be Playing The Villainous Trigon

TITANS: Seamus Dever Will Reportedly Be Playing The Villainous Trigon

Titans is set to debut on the DC Universe streaming service this fall but a new report may have revealed who will be playing the show's lead villain. Hit the jump for details on what's happening...

We've been hearing a lot about Titans lately and while it's been said that the first episode ends with a huge twist, we may have a better idea about what that is. While the comic book version of the group is perhaps best known for squaring off with Deathstroke, it seems the threat in the DC Universe series will be more mystical in nature and a new report claims that we're going to see Trigon show up.

While we've known that Seamus Dever has been cast in a mysterious role, Fandom Wire claims that he's going to be playing the powerful demon (presumably via prosthetics and/or special effects). 

The actor is best known for playing Detective Kevin Ryan in Castle and it would make perfect sense for Trigon to be Titans' big bad, especially as the spotlight is seemingly going to be put on Raven's powers quite a bit in the show. The villain has a number of abilities and he's effortlessly taken down the Justice League and Teen Titans in the comic books. Time will tell what he does on the small screen, though!

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