TITANS Actor Curran Walters Expresses Interest In Starring In A RED HOOD Spinoff Down The Line

TITANS Actor Curran Walters Expresses Interest In Starring In A RED HOOD Spinoff Down The Line

Curran Walters plays Jason Todd/Robin in DC Universe's Titans, but he's now expressed interest in potentially making the transition into becoming Red Hood in a spinoff series somewhere down the line...

Titans wasted no time in introducing Jason Todd, and he's since become a reluctant member of Dick Grayson's team. There's a lot that can be done with a character like that, of course, and fans remain as anxious as ever to see the Red Hood brought to live-action. The question is, could that happen in this DC Universe series? 

During a recent interview with ComicBook.com, actor Curran Walters was asked if he'd like to take the Red Hood iteration of Jason Todd into his own series, and issued an enthusiastic response.

"Yeah, I mean, that would be pretty cool," he said. "I mean, it all depends on what the team thinks and where the Titans writers decide to go so. It'd be cool if we even got to the storyline on Titans someday. We'll definitely see." There are certainly ways this could happen, even if it's not The Joker who kills him and Nightwing that he holds responsible for his murder. 

Admitting that he wasn't a huge comic book fan before being cast, Walters went on to reveal some of the things he's now hoping could happen with his character when Titans eventually returns. 

"Man, I think obviously, one of the most iconic things, it would be pretty cool to like have the Batmobile stealing of the tires," he says. "That's a pretty memorable scene for me, for sure. So that would be fun. Obviously, the whole Joker thing would be a dream, ideal world. But, yeah, we'll see. I'm so thrilled to get that first script of the season and see what happens."

It's hard to say when we'll get news on Titans season three, especially with all the COVID-19 delays. But it's going to be very interesting to see what happens with Jason Todd moving forward...

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