TITANS: There's A New Robin In Town In The Promo For Season 1, Episode 6 "Jason Todd"

TITANS: There's A New Robin In Town In The Promo For Season 1, Episode 6 "Jason Todd"

TITANS: There's A New Robin In Town In The Promo For Season 1, Episode 6 "Jason Todd"

This week's episode of Titans introduced Curran Walters as Jason Todd, but it looks like the next installment is going to dedicate a lot more time to the new Boy Wonder. Check out the promo here...

Dick Grayson did not seem too happy when a brand new Robin showed up in this week's episode of Titans, but it looks like The Boy Wonders will be putting their differences aside in an attempt to catch a serial killer in the next installment of the DC Universe series.

The promo for "Jason Todd" reveals that a mysterious masked murderer has been targeting people from Dick's past, possibly related to the death of his parents. It also looks like we'e going to get some more details on why Grayson ultimately decided to part ways with Batman and forge his own path.

Check out the teaser below along with some promo stills for today's episode, and let us know if you've been enjoying Titans so far in the usual place.

"Before he can reunite with The Titans, Dick reluctantly teams with Jason Todd (CURRAN WALTERS), the new Robin, to catch a serial killer targeting people from Dick’s past."

To view the stills all at once, simply click on the VIEW LIST (ONE PAGE) button below!

We still haven't been told the identity of The Nuclear Family's mysterious handler, but there's a decent chance that he'll turn out to be the man that created them in the first place, Dr. Eric Shanner.

Whoever he is, it's not a very good idea to get on the wrong side of Dick Grayson... even if he is in cop-mode.

...Like we were saying.

Are Dick and Jason Todd after the same target here? Or is Robin #2 there to protect The Nuclear Family's handler for some reason?

The first offcial images of Todd made it very clear that these guys were not going to get along at first, but it looks like they'll be putting their differences aside at some point during the episode.

Will this be Jason Todd's only episode this season? It seems unlikely, but they could be setting up a larger role in season 2 with just this single appearance.

Pizza time! It looks like Raven and Beast Boy's bond has deepened, even if Robin remains a little unsure of their new shape-shifting companion.

Seriously, Starfire has not changed her outfit once since the pilot episode. Granted only a few days are supposed to have passed, but still!

Titans assemble! These new few stills see Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy combine their skills for the first time to do battle against The Nuclear Family, who have now been joined by a new "Dad" model.

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