Oona Chaplin Joins Game Of Thrones Season 2 as Jeyne Westerling

Oona Chaplin Joins <i>Game Of Thrones</i> Season 2 as Jeyne Westerling

Charlie Chaplin's Granddaughter was rumored to be up for a role in the second season of HBO's fantasy series for a while and now we can confirm that she has been cast as Jeyne, love interest to Robb Stark..

Filming has been underway for a few weeks in Northern Ireland for the second season of Game Of Thrones but the announcements keep coming. The latest is Oona Chaplin.

She will play Jeyne Westerling, a fairly minor character in the second book of the series but it appears her role is to be beefed up so that both she and Robb Stark can provide us with some romance. Without giving too much away, Robb and Jeyne hook up under strenuous circumstances. But since Robb has already promised to marry a daughter of the vindictive Lord Fray, things get a bit difficult to say the least.

Chaplin, granddaughter of Charlie, has appeared in the last James Bond flick Quantum Of Solace as well as numerous Spanish-language films. More recently UK fans will have spotted her in the drama series The Hour.

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