Ror Recaps: GAME OF THRONES S207 "A Man Without Honor"

Ror Recaps: GAME OF THRONES S207 "A Man Without Honor"

The Kingslayer is back and badder than ever, despite still being locked in a cage. Click for a rundown of the seventh episode of HBO's second season of the fantasy drama series..

"A Man Without Honor" refers to Jaimie Lannister, who makes a welcome return to our screens this week. But as usual it's a theme that runs through a few other strands of the episode. Once again shouts of "Theon you little shit" will be heard the world over, as The Stark's former ward continues down the path of ultimate bastard. After discovering Bran and co have fled Winterfell, Greyjoy and his men hunt them down. The final shot of the episode sees the charred remains of two young boys hoisted up for all to see. Was it Bran and Rickon? Maester Luan certainly believes so.

At Harranhall we are treated to another conversation between Tywin Lannister and Arya. It's now very clear that Tywin has grown fond of his cup bearer, and despite toying with the idea of killing him when his back is turned, Arya has come to respect him too. It's going to be very interesting to see how the relationship between these two enemies develops, as they never so much as lay eyes on each other in the books.

North of the Wall Jon Snow and his pretty Wildling prisoner continue to search for Snow's companions, as Ygritte flirts with and teases her captor. Snow attempt to remain stoic but it's obvious that he is attracted to her. It seems that Ygritte was just biding her time however, giving Jon the slip as soon as his guard is down and leading him right into a Wildling ambush. We also get to hear THE line "you know nothing Jon Snow" for the first time. I'm sure fans of George R.R. Martin's novels were very happy about that.

At Kings Landing we see two more very interesting one-on-one conversations involving Cersei - first with Sansa, then with her brother Tyrion. In both, the normally ice cold Queen (regent) seems to show some vulnerability. She displays something close to kindness and understanding to Sansa, admitting that it must be difficult to love her Joffrey. Then she even cries in front of Tyrion, ultimately realizing that there may be no hope for her monstrous son. Is she just playing her brother, or is there some hope for a reconciliation?

Things just get stranger and stranger at Quarth. Jorah returns to find a colder, more demanding Dany - distraught over the theft of her "children". It seems Xaro Xhoan Daxos and the creepy old purple lipped Warlock were the culprits, as they set about murdering the rest of The 13, with Daxos proclaiming himself King of Quarth. Jorah runs the Warlock through with his sword but it seem the old git is going to prove much harder to kill than that. He reveals that the dragons are at his House Of The Undying, and if Dany wants to see them again she must pay a visit. I'm finding Dany is becoming a bit unlikable these last few episodes. Is that the intention? I don't remember feeling that way about her while reading the books.

And what about The Kingslayer? Well Jaimie is still a prisoner of Robb Stark, but he is given some company at least in the form of his cousin, who had been serving as a go-between for the Starks and the Lannisters. The boy is clearly in awe of Jaimie, and reveals that he once squired for his legendary cousin. Jaimie seems happy to engage the lad, before brutally smashing his head in to get the guards attention. He then kills him too and escapes. I get that this was done to further demonstrate how ruthless Jaimie is, but I found it quite bizarre. I mean the boy wanted to help, wouldn't it have been easier just to ask him to play dead or feign injury? It would have had the same effect and Jaimie would have had an extra pair of hands to aid in his escape. Anyway, he is quickly recaptured and Cat has to do all she can to keep his head on his shoulders. She visits him in his cell, where he goads her unmercifully about her husband's death, among other things. At the end she seems to take the bait and asks Brienne for her sword.

All in all another very good episode, even if it wasn't quiet as exciting as last week's. A lot of interesting character moments, and of course a little bit of blood and brutality. No sex or nudity this week though - that probably means the next episode will feature an orgy. What did you guys think? How do you think things will progress from here? Sound off below.

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