RUMOR: Christopher Eccleston & Tony Curran Up For Roles In Game Of Thrones Season 2

RUMOR: Christopher Eccleston & Tony Curran Up For Roles In <i>Game Of Thrones</i> Season 2

According to Den of Geek, both former Dr Who Christopher Eccleston and Tony Curran(also a Dr Who alumnus) are lined up for roles in the second season of HBO's drama/fantasy series...

We already had one bit of official casting news for the second season of Game Of Thrones, with Natalie Dormer being cast as Margaery Tyrell. Now we have rumors of two more actors in line for roles. According to Den Of Geek..

There are also unconfirmed rumours that Christopher Eccleston and Tony Curran are being lined up for roles, but we'll see what happens there, and bring you more news when we get it.

It's really not a lot to go on, but if they are cast, who might they play? The most obvious choice for Eccleston would be Stannis Baratheon I think since he is the biggest character addition in the second book anyway. Curran(Underworld: Evolution ) might fit the part of Jaquen Hagar? He has the red hair. But there are quite a few character either one might fit. Take this with the usual grain of salt for now but I'll do my best to get some more info on this.


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