A Big Role Has Been Cast for GAME OF THRONES Season 3

A Big Role Has Been Cast for GAME OF THRONES Season 3

A Big Role Has Been Cast for GAME OF THRONES Season 3

A new cast member has been added to Game of Thrones Season 3, former "Misfits" actor Iwan Rheon's role as "Boy". Many fans believe a differ as he is cast for someone else.

Huffington Post has conformed, through HBO, that actor Iwan Rheon (Misfits) has been cast in the upcoming third season of Game of Thrones.

Now here's the rub. The role for Rheon is said to be "Boy" but fans of the Books believe that "Boy" is actually "Ramsay Snow, the Bastard of Bolton."

Many characters from the Books have been confirmed for Season 3 as the characters who are cast are Olenna Tyrell(would have Lmfao if Betty White was cast for her), the Blackfish, the Reeds and Beric Dondarrion, but there's no mention yet of Mance Rayder or Ramsay, both characters were referenced in Season 2.

Ramsay was mentioned by Lord Roose Bolton when he told Robb Stark that he could send his bastard son, Ramsay, and some soldiers to go reclaim Winterfell from Theon Greyjoy. We never saw Ramsay, but we know he was right outside the gates, surrounding Theon. Which Theon's men betrayed him as they were outnumbered.

A rumor circulated around last week from someone claiming they were on the set and saw Rheon in a scene and that scene definitely had him as Ramsay. That Tumblr blogger's page has since been deleted though.

Here is a picture of Iwan Rheon with Alfie Allen(Theon), Nikolaj Coster-Waldeau(Jamie Lannister)and Gwendoline Christie (Brienne).

I for one has not seen Misfits, but if he is indeed cast for Ramsay Snow, from what many people who seen both Misfits and Game of Thrones along the books believe he will do a great job as Ramsay Snow.

Here is a picture with Iwan Rheon and the other is the description of Ramsy Snow. I found a picture of Iwan that made him look evil.

Those who have not read the books and getting ready for Season 3 to Game of Thrones, I will give you a little history of Ramsay Snow.

Ramsay Snow is known as the Bastard of Bolton and the Bastard of the Dreadfort. Ramsay considers himself a true Bolton despite his birth and is highly resentful of his baseborn status, referring to himself proudly as the trueborn scion of the Dreadfort and violently correcting those who refer to him otherwise.
Ramsay is cruel, savage and wild, taking delight in torturing others. He is quite fond of the old Bolton custom of flaying their enemies.

Ramsay is a capable of manipulation and possesses a low cold cunning, particularly good at thinking on his feet, though less savvy when it comes to long term consequences and intricate politics.

That is all folks.

here is the IGN version of the new if you want to go through it.
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