UPDATE: John Stahl Joins Cast Of Game Of Thrones Season 2, Rose Leslie Discusses Her Role

UPDATE: John Stahl Joins Cast Of Game Of Thrones Season 2, Rose Leslie Discusses Her Role

<font color= red>UPDATE:</font>  John Stahl Joins Cast Of <i>Game Of Thrones</i> Season 2, Rose Leslie Discusses Her Role

After George R.R Martin suggested that Scottish actor John Stahl was up for a role, it has been confirmed that he will be joining season 2. We also have a video interview with Rose Leslie (Ygritte)

Game Of Thrones author George R.R Martin is fond of posting clues leading up to casting announcements for the show. And the guys at Westeros.org figured out that his latest batch led to actor John Stahl joining season 2 and that has now been confirmed. The character he will be playing remains a mystery. There really aren't that many important charters left but the clues point to Lord Rickard Karstark. There are also those that think he could be Quorin Halfhand, who does play a big role in the events of the second book in the series. Anyway, we will update as soon as we know for sure.

UPDATE: Martin has now confirmed that Stahl is indeed playing Rickard Karstark. The character doesn't have too big a role in the second book but apparently he will in the show. Martin also revealed that all of the major roles have now been cast.

Another recent cast addition has recorded a video interview with Leicestersquaretv in which she discusses her casting and character in some detail. She talks about her training and what fans can expect from season 2. She also says that she has signed on for not only season 2 but a third season aswell. Now third season has officially been announced just yet however. The GOT stuff comes in around 1.05.

Stahl has appeared in the 1996 movie Loch Ness as well as the brutal 1979 Jimmy Boyle biopic A Sense Of Freedom.

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