CONFIRMED: Dr. Manhattan's Penis is in the Watchmen Movie!

CONFIRMED: Dr. Manhattan's Penis is in the Watchmen Movie!

Three cheers for atomic blue penises! Director Zack Snyder is staying so true to the source material in his Watchmen adaptation that he WILL indeed be exposing Dr. Manhattan's manhood to unassuming movie-goers. Good for him.

The shocking confirmation about this hotly debated penial possibility came yesterday, during the question and answer period at a special preview of the movie at Warner Bros studios.

Attendees were shown various scenes from the movie that totaled around a half hour of footage. All reports are saying that it was a very positive experience, afterwhich Snyder did a Q&A session where these key points about the movi were confirmed:

- Starting with the most shocking revelation... Dr. Manhattan’s blue private parts will definitely be shown in the film--ending much phallic speculation.

- The current length of the film is 2 hours and 43 minutes. This is more in line with what the director wanted, so that's good.

- There will be a DVD version of the film that includes the "Tales of the Black Freighter" comic-within-a-comic which will be in the film. This will NOT be in the theatrical release.

- Sequel/Prequel DEBUNKED! The rumors are false.

- Billy Crudup, the actor who plays Dr. Manhattan, will indeed be voicing the character in his unchanged speaking voice. Mr. Snyder is happy with Billy's voice as is, and explained that he figured an all-powerful god-like being would just keep his normal voice anyway.

Watchmen hits theaters everywhere March 6, 2009.

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