Watchmen Hits The Streets.

Watchmen Hits The Streets.

Watchmen Hits The Streets.

The Watchmen marketing developer's have come up with some pretty cool promotional posters/mock adds for VEIDT ENTERPRISES & one for "Tales of the Black Freighter"(comic book)- these poster's might be in your City -(they look like real ads) & they are actully used in the Watchmen movie (you will see them all over the streets of New York)

So I went to my favourite Comic Book store The Silver Snail in Toronto,Ontario, Canada (Big Ups) & Lo' and Behold, What do I see on the brick-wall in the alley-way beside Silver Snail ?...."WHO WATCHES THE WATCHMEN" & "THE END IS NIGH" spray-painted in Watchmen colors and about 10/15 feet long , a poster for "Tales of the Black Freighter" comic book, plus a bunch of VEIDT ENTERPRISES "Mock Advertising" posters for random stuff that is referenced in the novel.
honestly This looked like a page right out of the book or a set design straight from the movie !(maybe I'm exaggerating,lol)

When I got home and seen the still-shot of Walter Kovacs aka Rorschach, picketing with "The End Is Nigh" sign in front of the news vender, I seen the exact same VEIDT ENTERPRISES ads on the side of a building & the same Tales of the Black Freighter poster is on the side of the News stand. Cool Stuff !!

I have to apologize my camera "died" while I was in the middle of a intense "photo-shoot" with a scummy old brick wall in a dirty alley-way on Queen street(lol)...the look's on people's face's, when they were walking past the alley (looking down from the street)& they seen ME, taking pictures of the wall, it was priceless believe me, but like I said my camera ran out of juice & I was alone, so I couldn't get the whole thing, I got the posters but only "Watche Watchm" LOL...but you know what's even more priceless?, the look on my face when I went on Silver Snails website & realized that they already had pictures of the wall and of coarse theirs were WAY better, so I put mine first & Silver Snails last. enjoy

Silver Snail is one my favourite store's in Toronto (if your every in Toronto, check it out),and has to be the best store-front ever !! Trust me there are a whole bunch of Heroes/Villains that you can't see (the door ways) SuperMan,BatMan,the Joker,Wonder Woman etc. Plus you can see Rorschach in the window display.

These Pictures are from Silver Snail's website:

See the posters on the News stand & the building on the right:

More from VEIDT ENTERPRISES, Adrian Veidt is the Michael Jordan of Marketing, He's the Best!, the Man can & Will sell anything:

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