WESTWORLD's Recent GAME OF THRONES Crossover Was Author George R.R. Martin's Idea

WESTWORLD's Recent GAME OF THRONES Crossover Was Author George R.R. Martin's Idea

This past Sunday's episode of Westworld included a phenomenal Game of Thrones Easter Egg, and it's since been revealed that we can credit prolific author George R.R. Martin with suggesting the idea!

HBO aired the second episode of Westworld's third season on Sunday night, and with that came the jaw-dropping reveal that Game of Thrones is a sister park to "Westworld." 

The cable network is hoping that the series can fill the void left in their Sunday schedule by shows like Game of Thrones and Watchmen, and creators creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have explained in an interview with Variety what led to this unexpected crossover moment.

"We’re also friendly with George R.R. Martin, and George had consistently since the first season said, 'We’ve got to do a tie-in with ‘Game of Thrones.'' People forget that George was originally a TV writer and he came up in the TV world in which you’d occasionally have these crossover shows, which the fans would f***ing freak out over. So George had always been pitching the crossover."

Season two of Westworld was criticised for being too complicated thanks to multiple timelines, so a feel-good cameo like this to get fans talking is a sensible direction to head in. 

Thus far, the third season has been quite the departure from what we're used to when it comes to Westworld. That has alienated some fans of the sci-fi drama, especially now that it's no longer set in the theme park which first intrigued us all way back when! There are also still a lot of lingering questions left over from that convoluted second year that the show needs to answer over the coming weeks. 

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