Is Heroes Coming back for Season Five?

Is <em>Heroes</em> Coming back for Season Five?

Ali Larter talks about whether or not Heroes will be returning for another season

At recent premier event for "Resident Evil: Afterlife," Ali Larter answered a few questions from fans and as expected, questioning turned to "Heroes." If you recall, Season 4 of "Heroes" ended back in February with no word from NBC or Tim Kring as to whether or not the show will be returning for a season 5.

Larter had this to say, "I think we're coming back for 'Heroes' for another season. I think, but I'm not sure. It's been such a thrill being on that show and I hope that we have the chance to sort of wrap up those storylines for all the fans of it."

There has been much speculation as to whether or not the once popular show would be returning. After the very popular first season, rating have continued to drop with viewers disappointed in the direction of the show. If the show does return, they'd have to start shooting some time this summer, so we should have word in the near future, from either NBC or Kring.

ecksmanfan: I loved the first season and was quite disappointed with the second. The third had potential but it went down-hill fast. I have watched bits and pieces of four, but have basically given up on the show, as many others have. Unfortunately, Larter doesn't seem to know the future of the show either. I say end it. Put a bullet into it and ends its suffering.
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